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  1. [bimg=top|inside|What I like & dislike about NiGHTS into dreams... & ワンダと巨像|no-lightbox][​IMG][/bimg]
    What i really like about NiGHTS into dreams... is
    that you never died in the game you can fly around & Earn Power & plus it much easier to defeat the boss
    i kinda dislike this game ワンダと巨像 because it didn't really tell much to do i think it was a RPG but the graphic isn't good they could remake it into a HD graphic that the PS3 support since it released in 2005 but it an old game i strongly recommend you NiGHTS into dreams... oh & one more thing what i dislike about NiGHTS into dreams... is that when the time is up
    you tranform to a human or game over
    I know ワンダと巨像 is in Japanese but i only understand mild Japanese i wondered what I'm i suppose to do

    If you don't know these game i list the trailer below & they are free for plus member too


    NiGHTS into dreams...


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