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  1. My gamer tag name is OBELISKBLACK a.k.a "OB" I'm 23 years old. I'm a cool guy who really enjoys PSH. I remember when I first I got into PSH there were some mean people lol mostly because I was a noob I didn't even know what a PS-Card was but there was a lot of cool/nice people as well. As I got into it some more I took my avatar from being a noob to upscale virtual reality the nice decorated cribs, cloths, yachts etc. Anyway I remember back when I first got on it was tough getting accepted but all I need was an opportunity to make myself better virtually. Which is why me and my best friend started this "Club", not a FAM lol, called The Broken and what we do is create a better environment for those people on home that are annoyed by the people who create what’s called FAMS, who have their members stand around for hours in a public area so they can be known and talk about others just because they can’t get cribs, cloths, etc. It’s a shame, at The Broken we have tournament, challenges, games, that we create and give away prizes to multiple winners, whether it’s a gift from Lockwood the gift machines, and PS-Cards, every November we want to have big tournament were we give out at least $150 worth of PS-Cards. So those people who want/need that chance, can get into x7 instead of standing outside of the gate, can get a new crib instead of the studio apt. We have restaurants, several night clubs, a Club H.Q., a Leader H.Q., with twelve leader positions open. Those days you get annoyed from FAMS or just those people who like to be annoying we have a Sky bar for the guys and a spa “EXCLUSIVLY” for the ladies. All we ask is for you to be 17 and up so that we can maintain maturity within our Club and the group as a whole can enjoy a relaxing environment and show up for a 5 to 10 min meeting on Sundays, to get your ideas about the club and how can we make it better for you the “member”. So come check us out The Broken.


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