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  1. Sometimes the unknown can be surprising, other times it's just what you expected! Capcom has got the notion, that RE needs to be "rebooted", when did RE become a computer or for that matter any type of hardware, that requires such a thing! It's just as I stated in the DMC 5, post "continuation is key"! I like what Capcom is doing with RE:ORC, in which you play as umbrella soldiers and see RE from the antagonist perspective,but I don't think it's going to be excuted properly and it will fall short of there projected sales of 2 million, as there is no split-screen co-op (from same location/console) I like the introduction of more Umbrella soldiers, like HUNK, thus my concept for RE 6! The story should either follow HUNK or ADA as the main characters, both are shrouded in mystery, with little to nothing known about either!! If Capcom goes and changes RE like there doing for DMC, then they will lose a large following of gamers! It's as the saying goes "if it isn't broke don't fix it!" RE is not broke!!!!


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  1. Kimilicious
    I Loved Resident Evil 3 Nemesis As Well! Jill Valentine ;D

    The Way Nemesis Kept Popping In Certain Areas Was Crazy ..
  2. ted2112
    I Love the Resident Evil series! Capcom has done an amazing job of putting us in the game and making us feel an emotional attachment to the characters. That's why most of the games have been successful. My personal favorite is RE-3 Nemesis. Here's hoping the next one will be as good!
  3. yokokoroma
    I too have high hopes that ORC will be good because I really like "Vector", he reminds me a lot of HUNK and for good reason, he was trained by him!

    Yes, others have obtained the virus, one in particular, is the "organization" ADA works for, which is why I think it would be good to shed some like on them!

    I've played the 1st Outbreak and it was well done in showing RE from Raccoon City citizens perspective!

    Thanks for posting your thoughts Kim!!
  4. Kimilicious
    I Would Love A Resident Evil 6, I Am Interest To See What ORC Has To Offer. I Know That Slant 6 Is Making This One Along With Capcom And I Have Read A Lot Of Doubts About It. I Still Have High Hopes That ORC Is Going To Be Really Good. :p

    I Pretty Sure That Others, Not Only Wesker, Got A Hold Of The Virus; Maybe Capcom Can Follow One Of Those Characters.

    I Wish They Would Bring The Outbreak Set To PS3 In HD, I Really Enjoyed Those!