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  1. although I love playstation home, there's always room for improvement. I think we should be able to swim in pools. I also think more items should be free! it's ridiculous how much money simple objects cost. Also we should get to personalize more things such as wallpaper and color our furniture. it would be so cool to be different! I'm not saying psh isn't good (because it definitely is) I'm just saying change is a good thing :)


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  1. Kimilicious
    I Definitely Agree!

    Home Can Definitely Expand Itself So Much In Many Directions. This Year I Had Hoped To Not Spend Any Money In Home .. So Much For That, Lol :p

    Lucky For Me, I Dont Decorate Places That Often Otherwise .. The Amount Of Money Ive Spent In Home Would Be :shocking: But Its Nice To Be Different ..

    I Love The Fashion Threads .. The Fashionistas Find Amazing Combinations ;D