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  1. Alot of people have been asking me how I do my avatars makeup in PS Home. Well I decided to make a blog for all of you people, and anyone else interested.

    Now personally, I like a simple look. No dazzling red lips, gold eyeliner, or bright blue shadow. I prefer to look natural, but girly at the same time. So let us start with a clean slate.
    Now that we have a face, lets get started. First, lets apply some eye shadow to brighten that eye area. I do a black shade, full opacity.

    Ok. Now that that's done, lets get our eyeliner out. Again, I go black, at full opacity. It gives your eyes a rich, lucious look, and brings out your eye color signifigantly.

    Eyeliner is done, so now just one more thing. Lipstick! To get that pretty, realistic look, I apply the shade of red found right above the shade of black. As far as opacity, I put it in the middle of the first and second line. It looks really good, and brightens up the whole face.

    Now that is all that's to it. Thanks for reading my tutorial. Try this out, and tell me what you think. :)


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  1. stephrules31
    Thank You! I really like the look. :D
  2. Kimilicious
    Nice Tutorial Steph :D