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  1. It has been a long time since I have been on here and I have to say I am kind of peeved. Of all the "friends" I am supposed to have on here only 1 damn person has bothered to even check up or see what was going on. I may or may not have anything to say on here anymore due to me not fitting into any "cliques" that run rampant on this site. It has gotten too big for its own self. Bad leadership, censorship, people getting banned for asking simple questions. It's too much. And most, not all of the people on here seem to think their shit don't stink but they are just as bad as the ones that ignore a question when you need help with something. Home in and of itself has turned into a money hungry monster. I have gone back to playing actual games instead of wasting my money or time on Home. Only game worth playing on there anymore is Mercia. This site used to be small and even some of us that have been around since then haven't been able to get certain questions answered. The one or ones that run this site are nothing more than stuck up puppets for the system, or as I like to call them, the systems bitches. So kiss my ass and go duck yourselves. I hope this site folds under the pressure of its own ego.


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  1. C.Birch
    First of all, swearing never helps anyone get a good reply.

    I can not speck for your friends, but that's not anything to do with this this, that's down to people.

    Next up, you have not asked any questions (That i have seen anyway) , so due to that we can not reply.

    Next, no ones been banned for asking questions, so i don't know where you got that from.

    Online community's will always have user's that feel there is a cliques about, where in fact its just called mates that get on and most here are open to helping others, but they can not always drop things at once to do so.