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  1. The short answer is yes, being a user of most of homes competitors, ill give you a few points as why, firstly home is easy to use and the avatars easy to control, making easy to use if your not a brainiac, it crashes glitches lags far less than any of its competitors, it doesnt have useable weapons, its not full of places that to put it mildly are not for everyones tastes and quite easy to go to these places by mistake, even though its heavily commercial its not the worst and the stuff is of good quality, shopping is easy, no voice boxes, its easier to meet and make friends. So is my glass half full, am I deluded, I welcome your comments. Btw im always right lol


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  1. meapowner
    couldnt agree more but the comercial use is helpful and entertaining
  2. Ninja101213
    I will and always agree for ps home thats how I met my freinds :D
  3. Evil-LoPo
    i can't agree more, i think home is a good place to meet new friends and pepole from around the world, yeah it need more stuff, but still it's much better than what i tried before,