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  1. I thought Irem shutdown and wasn't making anything for playstation home? I got a Japan account and went on playstation home there and i saw that Irem was there along with two spaces.
    Did they only stop for US? If so why?
    Please leave a link or comment if you know..If been wondering,

    Thanks -Furry_Weasel


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  1. faga4567
    Irem has announced that they will take down the school lounge soon, so only the pachinko will remain.
  2. marioauer
    mw3 sniper suck
  3. Furry-Weasel
    oh that sucks they had really good items and public spaces, Thanks for the help i appreciate it :)

    - Furry_Weasel
  4. Shaundi
    The 2 Irem spaces left in Japan are there because 1 is new and the other is linked to the one thing Irem still creates (Pachinko machines) While these spaces still exist (for now) Irem no longer design Home Content.