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  1. Since the fall of IREM, Granzella tried to fill in the gaps with the Soutren island hideaway and the great edo space to replace IREM Square and seaside of memories, I don't like these sPaces :D


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  1. HeavensLightfire
    I guess Granzella wants to live up to IREM expectations
  2. faga4567
    Although Granzella is typically run by Irem staff, Irem was aided by Nanao, a big display maker company, where the president ran Irem as a hobby. But the long recession in the economy has made the president change it's priorities and decided to have Irem focus on pachinko and disband everything else. Since Granzella don't have that luxury they need to worry about getting funds and it does show.
  3. Heavyn
    To be honest it won't, most of the times when there is something that tries to fill the void of a previous something it's never as good enough. I think Granzella is good so far, I'm not in love with it just yet but so far I think it's better then not having Irem, though prices wise it's bad. Now if they release this Neon downtown space I will love them a bit more. ;D
  4. gary160974
    Well posted that i dont really use granzella spaces not because i really dislike them its because there is always something better to do, buy or play and none of my friends go there for same reasons, cost and item release tactics to money grab are insulting our intelligence a bit but still if i really enjoyed something id pay the money. 75 private spaces with only 2 items duplicated ( telepads and wild west camp fire ) in 2 different apartments in the same region say im not spending shy lol, we hung out on irem beach because it was a wide open space, we dont on granzella beach because the little beach its got is the loading are, we dont hang out in edo because we dont its very much ado about nothing where irem i would go up to the top and spend time there, went once to neon town once, again nothing to get excited about.