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  1. Thinking about home spaces, about what we'd like from them, about what we get.

    I really hate... and that is not quite the right thing to say.

    I find Lockwood Home spaces generally frustrating. I am most dismayed by the Dream island space. The reason for the dismay is that I like the concept, but meet with frustration at the invisible walls that Lockwood put up.

    We get a telescope, and we can use it to look at? Not a lot is the answer, the stars? No, birds nesting on cliffs? No

    In the swimming pool, we can enter from 3 sides, but we can only exit by using the steps on one side, we can't climb out of the side, and most certainly we couldn't possibly climb out using the "steps" at the side #dismay

    We have beautiful corals, can we sit on the sea bed? can we snorkel?

    Lockwood really miss a point, a point of doing, they put environments, their artwork is of a good standard in general improvements could be made, but we could forgive also if only we could do things. We don't get to switch lights on or off, a music system could be good, doors that open and shut, and then we get soundproofing when we go into a room, now Lockwood are the best for me, at background noise, it's often in thebackground, not usually annoying, indeed we're more likely to forget that its there.

    I like the spotting game, "iguana etc" which is what tipped the balance convincing me to buy the Dream island apartment.

    Lockwood, so much promise, too much with the invisible boundries, lack of viewable imagined vistas, lack of functionality.


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  1. Obelisk_Black
    You make a good point Adrian, I too have notice those flaws that could make a personal home 10x better. Another flaw I come across a lot is the amount of slots. When I decorate a crib I make it as realistic as possible but I some times I just need like 10 to 20 more slots to complete my design.