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  1. original space from psh. have two wallpapers right now, working tv (blocked in america); animated poster and a secret rock with 'you really shouldn't be able to read this' as a chair. original base taken from gmod map 'gm_personalspace'.
    Johndrinkwater - psh's 40GB+ archive
    MercuryValentine - unpacked harbour's .bar
    HectorWiz - base of gm_personalspace
    john95 - 'Playstation home commerince point'
    Uncoid, jayeshbadgujar - some props
    some textures from gta 5
    if you want to help project donate on
    Also join Qestion for help straight for @Johndrinkwater · Issue #1 · johndrinkwater/ps-home-archive for psh reverse engineering research.

    About Author

    my nickname is GTPuk, i'm making pro-wrestling gta mods and vrchat stuff.


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