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  1. Today instead of covering a game I will be covering a servace. the servace in question is Kongregate. Now what is Kongregate? Well if you have ever been on or any other Flash based gaming web sight thats a good start. Kongregate goes above and beyond where others have failed. I will list 5 just for the service of this blog.

    Feedback: this is a huge plus for me. What they have set up is a system where you get a screen cap of your current game then sort out what the issue is and submit it to there help department. This may sound the same as some other services but where they excel is time. All three issues I have had so far where handled within 1 day!

    Selection: Kongregate literally has every genera. 8Bit, RPG, Shooter, Card games, also MMOs! yeah thats right they also have games you can play with other people.

    Rewards: Much like the PS3 trophie system Kongregate has impemented rewards into many of the flash games. The major selling point on ths I will explain in #5.

    Contests: Not monthly but weekly! Each one is geared toward the gamer also. Some prizes include X Box, PS3 and games.

    Reward Program: Last but definatly not leas is the fact you can hook your GameStop PowerUp Rewards account to Kongregate. The point is back on #3. Some "trophies" will give you points on your PowerUp account. These speciol trophies are a day by day event.

    If these five reasons are not enough for you to go check it out then I add one last fact, KONGREGATE IS FREE! So check it out and find out yourself how amazing this service is!


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