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  1. ...It's quite irritating to do so, maybe co-op will come into play at this point in the actual game! There's also the issue of Tanner's ability to invade another person's psyche, while driving! I don't really see why they gave him this ability, as Driver is suppose to be about his skill as a wheelman, not some psychic medium! I'll have to see how it plays out in the game! If you like driving games or your a fan of Driver, check out the demo!


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  1. Kimilicious
    I Tried Out The Demo, It Was Interesting .. A Bit Difficult To Grasp Immediately. Having Love A Lot Of Racing Games, I Figured It Would Be Easy, But Wow Was I Wrong. The Turning Is Difficult Around Corners, LoL.

    To Me, The Game Looks Worth It :)

    I Don't Like The Fact That To Get To Another Car, You Somehow Automatically Appear In The Car You Select. Even In Driver 2, You Could Walk Around .. That Was Fun ;D

    I Enjoyed Driver On PS1, Chasing People In Circles .. Haha .. Good Times!

    I Might Get This Driver When It Releases 9/6/11 :p