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  1. Driver, finally makes, it's return after a long hiatus! Whether that be the turmoil it endured in the transition from Take 2 to Ubisoft is irrelevant, as it is now soon to be released! In playing the demo, I find the graphics are nicely done! Driving is easy enough as most driving games have now adopted R2 as a vehicle's acceleration, so those who play or played driving games, will pick up the controls easily, even for a novice, the controls are rather easy to learn! It's also stated it has a co-op mode, which is good, if it's a dual option, being on and offline! Those are Driver's pros, so now the cons, the controls are not as tight as they should be. In the world of gaming, sometimes we say, gameplay is too stiff! Well the opposite is true here! Driver's gameplay is too loose! meaning when you turn a sharp corner it's easy to lose control of your car! Another con, comes in the 2nd level of the demo, in which you have to race as 2 separate cars switching back & forth between the 2!...


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