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  1. AstralStarr
    "Brief intro of Derwent Dam."
    Pros - Nice photos & video taken by the author's drone.
    Cons - Could have been even better with bit of history and details of the actual venue especially for foreigners or people who haven't heard of the place.
    Very thoughtful of the author to have shared her recent holiday @ the Derwent Dam over the good Friday just gone with the site members.
    1. Adrian
      "Lovely views"
      Pros - Scenery, Quietness, Can we have a Derwaent Damn home space please xx
      Cons - misery people not allowing responsible drone flying.

      I don't have a strong view on drones, perhaps people need to acquire a license for them. We can imagine ne'er do wells causing mischeif with them..... "registered drone clubs", could be a nice way to reglulate their use and would serve as positive propaganda, showing people using drones responsibly.

      But I really like the Derwent views, my home town is Derby which has the Derwent running through it.

      ty for the vids and pics.