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  1. Hey guys we all know that conspiracy game will be coming to home later this month. I think this will be something that is really going to help home and mostly the ps fourms like xi did. Before xi came to home i was on it maybe once a week if that and had not bought a single item and had never been to the ps forums. When xi hit home i found myself getting on home everyday and shortly after that found the forums and starting to spend time there also. Since xi i have spent more time and money than i ever thought i would on home and if i was not in home i was on the forums.

    Now i know we have alot of games in home now like nova prime, dragons green, and the midways just to name a few. But most of the games in home just hold people long enough to get the reward and they might never play it again. I know i have not been back to nova prime since i got to level 20 lol. I am hoping that conspiracy will have that xi element to it where i have to login everyday to see what is going to happen next. Also if that is the case the people will be looking to the forums for help like we did with xi ( and right now they need it lol ).

    As for the game itself, from what i have gathered like most is that there will be factions. And that we will have covert task to do and will be able to paly levels over again to get better scores or find things we missed the first time. There will be prizes we can collect and there will be items that we can buy ( they just have to find a way to squeeze some money with this lol ). Lastly from a pic i have seen it looks like the avi had a gun in its hand. Now it could be an item we buy or win to carry around or it could be somethig we use in the game but can't wait to find out :).


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