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  1. Even though I enjoyed my vacation, I am back. I missed a lot of people and figured some of you probably missed me, too.

    Anyway, if you tried to add me on MSN, I have a lot of troubles receiving requests. I'm not sure why it's doing that and have yet to find a reason for why. So if you sent me a request and I didn't answer, I'll have to add you.

    On another note, I had a really messed up dream, which kind of drove me to coming back here, because the dream was so messed up, it's funny and must be shared. Besides, a lot of the people I missed were in it.

    My dream started out with me in Home, buying the first floor of the Mansion apartment. (Really not sure why I would buy it, but dream land is weird.) In honor of buying the space, I decided to hold a little gathering, which many of you from this site attended.

    During the party, odd things started happening in the space, like certain rooms having walls that were trying to close in on some of us. Some of us also stumbled into a hidden passage way, that lead to a more beautiful part of the space. But even though it was really pretty, it ended up being an even more dangerous part of the space. Most of the party gathering involved all of us running around in a crazy haste from panic.

    Towards the end of the dream, the few of us that survived everything that happened in the space, were able to find out that Sony had went rogue on us users. They were hiding in a hidden room, that was hidden from us, like in one part of the Star Trek movie Insurrection, where they had room cloaked to look like it was part of the natural scenery of the planet they were watching. We accidentally stumbled on to the room, containing the Sony employees, due to a short circuit in their program that prevented them from being hidden from us.

    I remember all of the faces in the room quite clearly. None of them were ones I had seen before, but they all looked evil. They tried to destroy us, when we found where they were hiding, but it didn't work. We defeated them and their evil plans against us. Then the dream ended. Have no clue what happened afterwards. Maybe happily ever after?

    Anyway, it was a very weird dream, yet it was ridiculous and funny. I just had to share it.


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  1. gary160974
    Welcome back sounds like sony were glitching getting they own back
  2. EvilFluffyBunny
    Thanks Casp, Zero, and Kimi.

    I don't know if I could give a list of who all lived and who all died, as some parts of that dream were fuzzy not too long after I woke up.
  3. Kimilicious
    OMGollyWTFBBQ?!? Fluffy Is Back!! Yay! ;D

  4. Caspearious
    or so you thought...

  5. ZeroRyoko
    Welcome back Fluffy!
    and I am curious....who lived and who died?
  6. EvilFluffyBunny

    I may have, but I can't remember.
  7. EvilFluffyBunny
    You were there. In fact, I think you got crushed by a wall.
  8. sam_reynolds01
    Welcome Back XDI hope you gave them an appropriate punishment for spoiling the party. :stab: :p
  9. Caspearious
    Welcome back!

    I know I wasn't in t3h dream... because me being t3h N1NJ4-LURK3R that I am... you and any of your dream constructs would never have seen me. Muahahahaha
  10. EvilFluffyBunny
    Yes, you certainly were.