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  1. hello all if u need any help on accounts that on how to make like a japan account or a australia or any of the sort message me or within this blog so indeed i can help for i have all 58 (except korea *under re-construction*) but if want to know which accounts go to which HOME/SONY well here it is
    SCEE(Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)-Australia Austria Belgium CzechRepublic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands NewZeland Norway Poland Portugal Russia SaudiArabia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland UnitedArabEmirates UnitedKingdom Bahrain Bulgarian Croatia Cyrpus Hungary Iceland India Isreal Kuwait Lebanon Malta Oman Qatar Romania Slovakia Slovenia Turkey
    SCEA(Sony Computer Entertainment America)-Canada UnitedStates Mexico Argentina Brazil Columbia Chile Peru
    SCEHK(Sony Computer Enteratinement Hong Kong)-HongKong Singapore Taiwan Indonesia Malaysia Thailand
    SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)-Japan
    SCEK (Sony Computer Entatinment Korea)-Korea


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