US Ted Trivia Challenge in The Hub - Correct Answers

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  1. spiderman552

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    The Ted Trivia Challenge has arrived in the Hub!

    ted 001.

    There is a total of 4 Questions, here are the answers!

    Question 1 - I Love You

    Question 2 - John

    Question 3 - Grocery Store

    Question 4 - Fight

    There are 2 rewards -

    Ted Companion - Answer all Questions correctly


    AXE Teddy Bear Hair T-Shirt - Complete the Trivia Challenge



    Hope this helped!
  2. BIg Red Machine

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    i already got the items without help
  3. Firefly

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    thank you for posting the answers. I was lucky to have my friend Recca supply me with the answers this morning. :)

    If the Teddy movie challenge stalls out when downloading the movie, you can go straight to the quiz by hitting Square
  4. Diamond_Dust

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