Playstation Home 1.75 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'General & Home Discussion' started by darkan12-nl, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. faga4567

    faga4567 Well-Known Member

    1.75 not coming on 1/30

    Google Translation:

    2013.01.25 postponement and update client, server failure notification of saved dataWith which had been scheduled for Wednesday, January 30, 2013, to update to 1.75 client,
    Because it was found to have a problem on the server side, we have to postpone the update Sun.
    Sun update as soon as a decision is made, I will inform you.

    In addition, the influence of the above-mentioned problem server, Regarding "peakvox ninja" and lounge "peakvox labs" lounge,
    Phenomenon that may fail to save and load the saved data server has been confirmed.
    Right now, we are engaged in remediation. soon know when the fix can be reflected, I will inform you.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, modified to be reflected,
    As we refrain from the use of an item with limited 之 wound ball and yell peakvox ticket, such as nutrients, number of uses,
    Thank you.

    To everyone, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that very much.
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  2. drake21734

    drake21734 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Wow gotta love the Japan news person. They actually always sound polite and informative. Certain other groups could take a lesson from that lol.
  3. Joanna

    Joanna Well-Known Member Valued Member

    Pinches herself, does a back flip, checks to see if she's not dreaming... oh yeah... I'm awake. ;)
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  4. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Not surprised given the way things have been as of late.
  5. Joanna

    Joanna Well-Known Member Valued Member

    Well they'd better be sure it's working right before they mess up everyone's script and apartment saves.

    Or perhaps they are considering moving the ability to change in someone else's personal space over to PS Plus given they feel they haven't upset enough people yet.

  6. tina_smithson

    tina_smithson Little_Tina

    That feature is wayyyyyyyy overdue. I'd also like to see 5 more club slots but i guess that would be asking too much huh.
  7. Adrian

    Adrian Active Member

    hey, I'm in the wardrobe... cool I can have hair like Tiffany, or like a granny!

  8. Joanna

    Joanna Well-Known Member Valued Member

    Yeah that has to be really hard to code I'm sure. Someone has to change the number from 5 to 10. Oh what can you do.
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  9. mikelep9054

    mikelep9054 Member

    well, there again, try to load only 5 clubs, on a public space, it does a slot machine effect usually. cant wait for personal spaces to do that too, many tend to have more spaces than clubs.

    I have an account with 2 clubs, and it even did that. would think addressing that issues would come before loading more to server saves. logic and common sense are elusive dreams to some tho.
  10. Joanna

    Joanna Well-Known Member Valued Member

    Testing! Don't mind me! I need some coffee! ;)


    And to keep this on topic this update was just posted to the Home EU Forum by Mia Walls.
    Delay of release 1.75 - PlayStation Forum

    Hello everyone,

    We are aware of the issues some users are experiencing in PlayStation Home. We would like to inform you that we are currently investigating these and they will be resolved as soon as possible.

    Besides we keep working on the upgrade to client 1.75 expected to be launched next week. However this release must be now postponed due to the issues mentioned before and the new release date has not been confirmed yet.

    We will keep you informed of any progress.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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  11. Shaundi

    Shaundi Third Street Saints Valued Member

    How many delays is that now? 3? Not surprised at this one though after all the recent server issues.
  12. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    Glad to see EU keeping us informed! Kudos to them!
  13. jonaso94

    jonaso94 Member

    Let's say that your Plus subscription ends before you're able to subscribe for a new time period. Wouldn't the different character saves in the extra slots permanently disappear with the extra slots?
  14. jonaso94

    jonaso94 Member

    While I agree on the rest of your post, I feel the need to argue about this particular part. Like you said, most of the natural hair colors are in the standard color palette. however there are quite wide specters of blonde and brown hair colors in the world (to name a couple), hence very few of them are represented in the standard palette.

    Although the 15 standard colors cover some of the basic colors, it doesn't really cover the whole spectre. With the color spectre in this update you can get any hair color you want. While it's not part of the core content, I think what the others are saying is that it should be a core feature, not PS Plus exclusive. When you think about it it's actually a pretty basic avatar option in many ways. Besides, Home's punk and goth communities are probably craving for a green hair color they don't have to buy at the stores.
  15. fred van roode

    fred van roode Member

    i am sure sony makes a big profit from all people that buy little things in home.If they did not they would stop home lol
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  16. EvanescentWish

    EvanescentWish Princess CocoaPuff!

    Seems like they are just going to get a lot of new plus members. Plus has a lot of nice benefits ( free games, price cuts etc ) But I think it a waste to make the color palette an plus exclusive. However we may luck out and possibly be able to buy the color palette. Just like how X7 has those passes for X7 access I can see them doing that for the color palette. I am quite nervous as to how the saves are going to be, since I have backed up my own data myself forever just in case something happened.

    But on the one small positive note, glad to see we are getting to change in other people's personal spaces. Thanks for being 5 years late Sony.
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  17. ZeroRyoko

    ZeroRyoko Bad Sailor Girl

    It doesn't surprise me that they are delaying the update it if the clubs will not keep our data stored can you imagine the outcry once everyone's personal spaces, wardrobes and character settings are lost. Luckily the JP and EU home representatives are not as inept and incompetent as the NA bunch otherwise we would never know what was happening.
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  18. mad-man

    mad-man Dark Jedi

    I think sony will starts the core update after
    chinese new year event & valentine's day event
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  19. Aiken_Drum

    Aiken_Drum Fish Act Explosion

    Don't get me wrong. I've always thought it was incredibly stupid and limiting not to have sliders for hair color. Everything else about your body is uber-configurable. I think it'd be better to let everyone do it, and if it were my call, they would, even if it reduced potential Plus memberships a bit. Still, the basic concept of setting your hair color is available, even if it's a bit crap.

    FWIW, hair colors used to look a great deal better and more realistic, and then someone diddled with the renderer and they went all wonky. Sony claimed they had actually fixed something, but clearly some new guy took over the renderer code and actually broke the hair shader somehow. That, or it was too expensive and had to be simplified for the sake of performance. It really was quite a nice hair shader, so that may be.


    Something else that's worth pointing out... given what I know of how a giant company like Sony works (since I work for another giant company myself), I am assuming each division has to prove itself and be a positive contribution to the company's bottom line. If Home is now connected more strongly to prompting Plus subscriptions, that suggests to me that Home will also be given more of the credit for Plus membership fees. The more credit Home gets for its contributions to the bottom line, the more likely it will be to get additional staff & support.

    There's a certain short-sightedness about some of these complaints. It's similar, in a way, to when people get angry at the profits of so-called "big business," and then demand that the government tax the hell out of them. What happens is that big business shrugs, increases the prices of its goods to compensate, and continues to make just as much money, while the consumer basically pays the penalty they asked the government to impose. The government then uses the extra money for porkbarreling and other nonsense to get itself re-elected. It's never as simple as people want it to be. The system isn't just a straight line with cash flowing in one direction and goods flowing in the other. You have to think about what happens on more than just the first step away from yourself.
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  20. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    Condescending and Rude Home Managers + Pay2Play + Upgrades you have to pay $50 - Cool Events....

    Does that sound like a winning formula for success?
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