Granzella New This Week From Granzella Worldwide - 4-10-13

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  1. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    New this week in NA, EU and Japan :

    The Wind & Earth Clothing Set. Featuring bold designs to experience nature such as distinctive feathers, tailored leather tops, bottoms, and boots. For men there is the Chief Headdress and Leather Wristbands. For women, Bangles wrap around the wrist, and a Long Skirt and Mini-skirt are available for bottoms. Hairstyles to match these outfits are available as well.


    Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle (Men)

    Wind & Earth Clothing Set (4 Colors, Men)
    Brown, Red, Black, White

    Parted Triple-Braided Hairstyle (Women)

    Wind & Earth Clothing Set (4 Colors,Women)
    Brown, Red, Black, White

    New this week in NA :


    Locomotion - Picnic Sheet. When you use the Picnic Sheet, you can sit down on it where you place it. Additionally, you can choose from 4 different sitting positions in the R1 button menu. There are 6 variations of items you can spread out on the Picnic Sheet, Springtime Japanese Sweets, Lovey-Dovey Wife Bento, Snacks, Stacked Food Boxes, Chinese Banquet, or nothing at all. The Picnic Sheet is available in 2 designs, classic Horizontal Stripes, and Camellia.

    Locomotion - 6-Piece Picnic Sheet Set
    Camellia , Horizontal Stripes

    NOTE : Spring is coming to Granzella's Japanese Teahouse personal space.

    The cherry blossoms are in full bloom at the small Teahouse secluded in the mountains. Along with the spring comes springtime sweets and flower arrangements. *This personal space's landscape changes with the seasons.


    Cherry Blossom Tree - 5-Piece Set

    Springtime Japanese Sweets 6-piece Set

    Cherry Blossom Ikebana 2-piece Set

    Lily Magnolia Ikebana 2-piece Set

    Japanese Iris Ikebana 2-piece Set

    New this week in Asia :


    The new white School Uniforms and Cheer Squad Uniforms. Jackets and Trousers are available in 2 types, ordinary student and cheering squad. The lineup also includes shoes and a student cap. Available for both men and women.

    School Uniform Jacket White

    School Uniform Trousers White

    School Uniform Shoes and Socks White

    Cheer Squad Long Uniform Jacket White + Red Armband

    Cheer Squad Uniform Trousers White + Blue Belt


    New patterns for the Embroidered Jacket series. Adding to the existing silver and gold, the new variations include black, pink, red, green, and blue. Available for both men and women.

    Embroidered Jacket, Set of 7 (Thunder Spirits)
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  2. Heavyn

    Heavyn ~The big and the bad~ Staff Member Valued Member

    Another great update from Gz, I think I might end up getting the wind and the earth clothing as well as the picnic LMO.
  3. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    They should offer a "Granzella Plus". Where you pay a certain amount per year, and you don't have to buy their content, it just appears in your inventory each week.

  4. MJB2348765

    MJB2348765 The Chosen One

    OMG those Indian outfits are awesome.
  5. ReccaWolf

    ReccaWolf Well-Known Member

    Did you guys see the end of that Indian trailer? Looks like a new space or something of a teaser coming over Japan Home later on. ;)
  6. MJB2348765

    MJB2348765 The Chosen One

    Yeah I notice that to, looks like a stadium of some sort.
  7. Joanna

    Joanna Well-Known Member Valued Member

    I want a bow and arrow LMO. :)

    Mesa want to shoot and scalpy dem trolls!
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  8. MacieMoustachio

    MacieMoustachio Peep Fanatic

    I immediately thought, "The Hunger Games!"

    a bow and arrow LMO and a Hunger games' tribute uniform? :D
  9. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    These costumes would go great with my Monument Valley space. :)

    lol... I just found this on the internet....she's wearing indian clothes too....

    It doesn't really relate... or does it? LOL
  10. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Bought the Picnic Sheet locomotion set. It has a bug. When you use it, if someone else gets too close to you, it causes your avatar to re-deploy the sheet, over and over. You do not see that. Just the other person.

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