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  1. kwoman32

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    New this week in in NA and EU and Asia :

    The Windbreaker and the Dress and Jacket

    For women, the amazingly textured leather jacket and dress, loose fit boots, and knit hat set is available in 3 patterns, grey and brown, orange and khaki, and pink and black. You can choose to wear each set with or without stockings.

    For men, a zipped checked windbreaker, cargo pants, belt boots, and knit hat set is available in red and brown, green and white, and green and grey. With these three styles, you can choose to tuck the hem of the cargo pants into the boots or not.

    Windbreaker & Cargo Pants Outfit Set (3 Colors, Men) Dress & Jacket Outfit Set (3 Colors, Women)

    Also, the Autumn Foliage and Cosmos Yukata patterns are perfect for the deepening autumn.

    For men, the Autumn Leaves pattern is available in red, orange, and brown.
    For women, the Cosmos pattern is available in white, blue, and light blue.


    Long Wavy Hairstyle (Men) Inward Curl Long Hairstyle (Women)
    Yukata “Autumn Leaves” (3 Colors Men) Yukata “Cosmos” (3 Colors Women) Geta (2 Colors, Men)
    Round Geta (2 Colors, Women)

    New this week in in EU and JP :


    The Magic Cloak, a new locomotion item has arrived! Now you can float in the air as you move. You can accelerate by pressing the □ button. The cloak is available in both red and purple.

    Locomotion - Magic Cloak (Red & Purple)

    New this week in in NA and Asia :

    The Peaceful Capybara Parent and Child set. (See "Dress and Jacket/Windbreaker" video above)

    20130109_NA_ Asia_capybara_blog.

    New this week in JP :

    Three-quarter Sleeve Jacket and Cropped Pants Outfit Set (3 Colors Women)

    The top is made of a simple sewn on floral pattern, necklace and Three-quarter Sleeve Jacket. Together with knee high skinny Cropped Pants, it makes for an elegant casual outfit. The perfect style from head to toe, this set is completed with Ribbon High Heels.

    The Three-quarter Sleeve Jacket is available in black and white, gray and khaki, and beige and black. The Cropped Pants are available in beige, black, and red. Finally, Ribbon High Heels are available in brown, blue-gray, and black.

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  2. Adrian

    Adrian Active Member


    Oh & BTW I want some of those clothes for real!!!
  3. Gojin

    Gojin Shadow Assassin :P

    Awesome!! I have been waiting for the dress and jacket, and windbreaker set! Thanks Granzella!!:dancingkitty: :cheer:
  4. Shaundi

    Shaundi Third Street Saints Valued Member

    A lot of Neon Downtown clothing coming to EU and NA, hope we see the space itself soon ;)
  5. MJB2348765

    MJB2348765 The Chosen One

    Aww, I spent all my money up. Looks like i need to get another card soon.
  6. laurel28

    laurel28 New Member

    Awesome clothes for guys too, wanted something fashion forward that doesn't age my
  7. Smack

    Smack The Realm Of AnarchY

    Looks like the home team is still on vacation while other company devs are back to work and want to get things done. Alslo like rach said be nice to see the neon town.
  8. Adrian

    Adrian Active Member

    Windbreaker is like "Windcheater"? I can't quite figure it out... it is a coat/gilet no sleeves?
  9. HOPPER_34

    HOPPER_34 Senior Birdhound

    Yes that's right. It would be the same as what is called a "windcheater" in the UK ;)

    Windbreaker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  10. Adrian

    Adrian Active Member

    Cheers that's cool :)... got it :)
  11. Joanna

    Joanna Well-Known Member Valued Member

    I was hoping for the beds this week. Hard to say when they are going to show up.It would be nice if Granzella sold separates too. Seems all we are getting now are bundles and with wardrobe organization currently a mess it would be nice to have the option for both.
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  12. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    There's an electronics show going on right now. Las Vegas I think. They probably skipped out and won't be back till sunday.

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