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Releasing Aug. 6th in NA, and on 13th August in EU

Stack Genius an innovative 3D puzzle game. Find your way out of 4 different mazes: lay down giant wooden blocks in the right places, to get past obstacles and reach the goal... The game will reward you with lots of new puzzle-solving blocks, and a trophy. You can even decorate your personal space with the Stack Genius blocks as standard furniture, and use the blocks creatively in any private space or club house to make your own constructions!

The idea is that you buy a bundle that contains all 4 apartments, and you are given one wooden cube. You can only solve the 1st apartment (the red chamber) with the red cube. The way you solve the puzzle is by placing down the red cubes in the best place to traverse the obstacles and get to the goal. When you reach the goal, you get awarded with a green...
madmunkiLogo_sm. The 30th of July sees the release of new Spunland Commerce, 2 new Mega Bundles and updates to both Spunland and the Spunland Cottage - including new rewards! Callooh! Callay!

In the new content corner we have the Uncle Spun Head (full body suit) replete with custom animation and the Spunland Rocket LMO for those with a need for... flight.

It’s party time! Do it with these fun and sexy Rave Party designs. Rave Party, the new collection by Kovok.

This week, Atom Republic releases the 00s dance moves in NA on 30th July; they will be out in EU on 6th August.

If you liked the 2000s decade, you'll love Atom Republic's latest creation! They bring you 4 dance packs inspired by the Noughties era: the Modern Country dance, the Cha-cha step, the High School dance, and the 00s dance moves collection, itself consisting of Heel-Toe, "Pop, lock and drop it", and Krumping.