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The last Christmas and New Years in PlayStation Home. Yes, it's sad, however, we are all hoping that it might be the beginning of something better. So, it's Christmas Eve, and I can't help reflecting back on the years we had together on Home and YPSH.

Personally, I am proud of what we accomplished here. It wasn't all perfect, but we did manage to pull off a lot of "firsts" and fun times besides bringing you a place to chat, read up on all that was new and share tips.

I also can't forget the wonderful support we got from the developers. You all were terrific.

So I lift a glass and toast all of you for making YPSH the huge success it was.

So on behalf of Carla, Stacey and myself, may you have the merriest of holidays and may you find much happiness in 2015.

YPSH-Xmas 12-24-2014.
So we all know that just before Home closed its stores Lockwood updated the Lockwood Life system with new levels and new rewards with 3 new personal spaces.

The problem is with each new level the points needed to level up gets greater and even if you own every space and club, you're looking at 1 to 2 weeks to go up a level.

Most people will not have the time to hit the levels needed to level up and most if they do will have very little time left to enjoy the spaces what would be a real shame and to be true a waste of Lockwoods time having made the spaces.

So should Lockwood lower the points needed to level up out of good will and as a thank you to a community that supported and spent a lot of money on their items and helped them become the company they are today?

Because truth be told, there's no money left to be made out of Lockwood Life with stores closing so why not show the community some good will and let them enjoy the final spaces you made faster and for a greater time....

We made it to year six! Unfortunately, there won't be a year seven, but we did the best we could for the six years we supported PlayStation Home. We hope you liked our efforts and we thank you all for your support over the years. YPSH became the oldest and largest Home Community Site and (thanks to Carla) so did our You Tube channel. We will still be here until Home closes and we intend to enjoy Home right to the end. We hope you do too. So Happy Birthday YPSH and Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

Carla, Karen, Stacey

P.S. Thanks one more time to Stacey for the graphic!
Home developer Hellfire Games has announced its intention to move to the PS4 platform. Hellfire is best known on PlayStation Home for Home Tycoon and Novus Prime. We have seen a "tech demo" video from Hellfire of what appears to be an adaption of Home Tycoon. I had a lot of questions for Hellfire about their new project and Ben Lewis, Hellfire's Marketing Director & Community Manager, was kind enough to chat with me about it. Take a look...

YPSH : Thanks Ben for stopping by and telling us the news about your new project. Does your project have a name, and how does it differ from some of the other projects already announced?

Ben : Our next game's internal title is Big City Stories. We're creating an exciting new city-building experience for modern consoles with tons of features that weren't possible in PlayStation Home, along with plenty...
Atom Republic is a developer known well to those who love PlayStation Home. Some Home developers (as seen elsewhere here) have announced their intentions to try and develop a new virtual "Home-like" world for the PS4. However, Atom Republic's intentions on what they plan to do next, has not been known. Until now. I had the pleasure of speaking with AR's owner/creator, Tanguy Dewavrin, recently and he was ready to tell me all about his future plans. Here's what he had to say......

YPSH : It's been a while Tanguy since we talked. So here's the big question! Do you have plans to enter the arena for creating a "Home-like" virtual world on the PS4?

Tanguy : Yes it's been a while! As you know, we wanted to be sure we'd develop what people want, so we gave ourselves the time to listen: we asked our community of followers where they wanted to go next, in the form of a big questionnaire. We got over 700 replies, and have analysed them....
Atom Republic has a lot of NA and EU voucher codes available that need to be given out before they are no longer usable. They will be giving voucher codes away this weekend (Saturday 11/29 & Sunday 11/30) through their Facebook page.

YPSH members can snag themselves a code. This is not being publicized beyond the site. Read on if you want one.....

A Few Rules : You get what you get.

No exchanges.

No requests.

No refunds.

It will be a gamble.

It will be on a first come, first serve basis.

No guarantees of what you will get a voucher code for.

No guarantee voucher codes will still be available when you contact them.

This is a "Pot Luck!"

In order to at least give YPSH members a fighting chance of getting a voucher code, instead of just having you watch their Facebook page for a time when they will be posting the giveaway like everyone else will be, they were kind enough to do this for us :

1. "Like" Atom Republic on Facebook....