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Granzella New From Granzella Worldwide - 9/26/12

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kwoman32, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. kwoman32

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    Head Administrator
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    Nov 29, 2009
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    New this week in PS Home EU:

    The GZ Burger Uniform has arrived!
    New From Granzella Worldwide - 9/26/12, kwoman32,1, 1, Sep 24, 2012, 2:10 PM, YourPSHome.net, jpg, 20120926_SCEE_GZ Burger Uniform.jpg

    For men: A sun visor, polo shirt, long trousers and apron, and shoes and ankle socks.

    For women: A sun visor, polo shirt and apron, culotte skirt, and shoes and knee socks.

    *At the GZ Burger Shop you can get a complete GZ Burger Uniform (for men and women) for free!

    New in PS Home NA :

    This weeks lineup includes the Beach Umbrella, Beach Chair, Barbecue set, the Neck Strap Bikini, a Chinese Banquet set and the beautiful Mandarin Dress .
    New From Granzella Worldwide - 9/26/12, kwoman32,2, 2, Sep 24, 2012, 2:10 PM, YourPSHome.net, jpg, 20120926_SCEA_BBQ.jpg
    Tropical palm tree - 4 piece set
    Beach mat (Yellow)
    Beach chair (Wooden & Blue)
    Neck strap bikini (3 Colors, Women)
    Chignon Hair Style (2 hair styles, Women)
    Mandarin Dress, Floral Butterfly (3 Colors, Women)
    Chinese Banquet 9-piece set
    New From Granzella Worldwide - 9/26/12, kwoman32,3, 3, Sep 24, 2012, 2:10 PM, YourPSHome.net, jpg, 20120926_SCEA_china.jpg New From Granzella Worldwide - 9/26/12, kwoman32,4, 4, Sep 24, 2012, 2:10 PM, YourPSHome.net, jpg, 20120926_SCEA_neckstrap.jpg

    New this week in PS Home Asia:

    Embroidered with gorgeous butterflies and flowers, the shining Mandarin Dress is here.
    The red and black Mandarin Dresses are decorated with pretty gold embroidery and the blue Mandarin Dress gives a noble impression, decorated with silver embroidery. We also offer 2 hair styles which perfectly complement these dresses. Matching high heels and pumps are also available, for the complete look. Also, this week, the Chineese Banquet Set.

    Chignon Hair Style (2 hair styles, Women)
    Mandarin Dress, Floral Butterfly (3 Colors, Women)
    Chinese Banquet 9-piece set

    New this week in PS Home Japan :

    Introducing the new Chashitsu - Japanese Teahouse personal space. A secluded mountain side full of vegetation and water. Through the gate and down the stepping stone walkway stands a small teahouse. By building it according to wabisabi thinking, the small teahouse is designed to shrink the distance between the guests.

    Red, blue, pink, and orange lamé rain boots 20 piece set (Men&Women)
    Fluorescent umbrella 5-color set (Men&Women)
    Chajin kimono set (3 Colors, Men&Women)
    Japanese cake 6-piece set
    Flower arrangement 2-piece set (4 species)
    Flower arrangement in bamboo (4 species)
    Flower arrangement in earthenware (4 species)
    Personal space japanese teahouse “Chashitsu” & Tea-things set

     The following items are exclusively available at the store in personal space tearoom:
       Garden lantern set
       Shishi odoshi
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    • sam_reynolds01

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      Well-Known Member

      Apr 14, 2011
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      Always happy to receive freebies :D

      The tea house and the bamboo water feature looks quite nice.
    • Shaundi

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      Third Street Saints
      Valued Member

      Jan 16, 2011
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      Yay freebie! :p Teahouse might be nice but video seems to show more of the other buyable items than the space itself :p
    • C.Birch

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      Site Owner
      Staff Member Administrator

      Mar 21, 2012
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      Yep well i think i got Yen on my account so I'll film the space on Wed :p
    • Heavyn

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      ~The big and the bad~
      Valued Member

      Jan 15, 2011
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      Ev was hoping that we would all get that Gz burger shop outfit, now we are getting it and it's free. :) and YAY for the Mandarin dress :hamsterdance:
    • Gojin

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      Shadow Assassin :P

      Nov 27, 2011
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      Cant wait for the beach chairs or the Chinese set Granzella released alot this week O.O lol
    • Firefly

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      Survivor of Sword Arts Online

      Nov 5, 2010
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      lol! A Sozu!

      I'm hoping the shishi odoshi will come to NA. Is it active? I hope so. I hope it makes that recognizable "klonk" sound. That would be perfect for the japanese apt we already have in NA.
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