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UFC Personal Space

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  • features
    Check out the full list of features that this PlayStation Home personal space supports or does not support.

    YesWall Hangings
    This space as 11 Slots.
    NOEditable Wallpaper
    This space does not support editable wallpaper.
    YesHome Rewards
    This space has rewards to win.
    YesVideo Screen
    This space has 2 video screen.
    NoInteractive Lights
    This space does not support interactive lights.
    NoDay & Night
    This space does not support day & night.
    This space comes with the following mini-games.
    Bench Press, Speed Bag, Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, Pull-Ups & Treadmill
    YesOther Interactive Systems
    This space comes with the following interactive systems.
    Seats, UFC Home Control
  • Costing
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    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    14th July 2011
    14th July 2011
    Not Released
    Not Released
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User Comments

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  1. HeavensLightfire
    Personally, since UFC space got fixed, i used to visit my friends UFC space and i always had a great time there working out, but i really was sad about the whole pool issue, i mean this is a personal space, you should be able to use our own pool! Anyways, this space is also usefull for getting a lot of UFC points to get rewards on the reward board, but i can only recommend this to people who like to exercise and work out and people who like UFC!
  2. Grand_Viceroy
    When the UFC personal space came out, I was undecisive on whether I wanted to get it or not. eventually I decided to watch the video tour of this place provided by our YPSH leader Carla Birch (Thank You!!). I had to buy then and there. overall I was pretty impressed with the place. The mini-games I enjoyed a lot, building exp points as time goes by. my fingers started getting a bit sore playing the bench press mini-game, but other than that and the cons mentioned, I like the place and felt it was money well spent. Hopefully they get the servers working in top condition so we can enjoy it even more. :)
  3. gary160974
    good interactive space with games that you need to get serious points for UFC prizes average over a 1000 on a couple of them has a room set up that shuts doors turn music n tv on or off but it resets when you leave so you set it how you want every time so i dont bother now
    I won over 100000 points without trying in one day so a must for the iffy prize board
  4. Ultra
    If you like interactivity, this is the space for you. Has a variety of workout machines and control panel where you can control everything from sliding doors, music volume (has 1 instrumental track), to the canopy on the roof. Right now the UFC servers are off and on but when the games work, you earn points faster and can have a fun virtual workout with your friends. You trade your points for prizes in the public space. There's also lots of spots for photo frames.

    Overall I like it, although I can't give it more than 3 stars due to the bad servers, TV with only one annoying ad, and bad design of the pool on the top deck.