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  1. kwoman32
    Pros - Beautiful detailing both inside and out. Check around the front doors. Really well done. Clever light/dark sides idea. Plenty of room. Gorgeous artwork.
    Cons - Needs a furniture line to go with it. Searched my inventory and all I could find was furniture from Avalon Keep, which is way too cartoony for this space. Round rooms are always hard to decorate and there are 4 of them here (2 on light side, 2 on dark side). An additional few square rooms would have helped. Also, being able to climb up inside a tower would have been cool. . Commerce point logo is glaring. It is too large and clashes badly with the theme of the space. A shopping bag logo etched into the wall would have been much more in style with the space. Needs off/on lighting inside to brighten the room a bit (torches?) . A "hidden" reward would have added to the "fun".
    Given some of the points mentioned above, this was close to being a home run. JAM is great at gorgeous artwork and details and it shows here. Even with my wish list, it is still the best castle Home has had yet. If you like castles, you will want this,.
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