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The Sky Temple of Fratos

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space The Sky Temple of Fratos
    • Total 58
    • Hair 6
    It was joy to decorate this and i'm glad to share it with you all, well worth doing all those challenges
  • PlayStation(R)Home Picture 28-12-2013 12-35-25.jpg
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Recent User Reviews

  1. K.H
    1. formulaHT017
      "Hi Vicky! One word...brilliant!"
      Pros - The V's and Greek carpet on the wall have the magical Vicky Touch.
      Cons - Absolutely none
      Just gorgeous! Love it!
      1. Foofyloose
        Pros - Kudos Vicki! Very nicely set up! The space, for being a reward, was actually designed well. Your decor of it is great and you should be proud.
        We need more spaces like this on home. Well thought out, large enough to move around, but just small enough to decorate and not having the space look barren. Sometimes bigger spaces are so hard to decorate. This space is just right. A happy balance. Kudos to the developers that designed this space. Well done!

        User Comments

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        1. K.H
          good job!
        2. Obelisk_Black
          Very nice place I also like the two V's on the wall.
        3. Foofyloose
          You did a great job! HOW did you manage the V's on the banners though?
        4. VickyTheVampire
        5. Slav
          Love the V's on the banners!
        6. VickyTheVampire
        7. Jjoseph105
          You did a fabulous job!
          Love the carpets on the wall- I didn't think to do that!
          1. VickyTheVampire
            thank you very much :)
            VickyTheVampire, Aug 16, 2014