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  1. Nerzhul
    "Whoa!!! This was really cool!!!"
    Pros - Learned a little about Napoleon along with the furniture.
    Cons - none
    Thanks for the history lesson! Great job!
    1. RedAmazon66
      "There is definitely elegance in this reward space"
      Pros - I love what the space has to offer...sheer elegance and for free no less! As far as the decor, Hope definitely chose the right historical figure , as well as time period, to really enhance the beauty of this space.
      Cons - Other than being confined to the interior, and not being able to go out and enjoy at least apart of the beautiful gardens, I don't see a con here.
      For a small place it is definitely eye catching, and the choice of decor and historical theme makes this a truly dazzling space. Excellent Job Hope!
      1. K.H
        "Simply amazing!"
        Pros - Love that you transformed this space into a work of art and History well done
        Cons - None
        1. Dino
          "Very elegant !! Bravo!!!"
          Pros - Like going back in time!!!!
          Great Job!!!!
          Cons - None
          K.H likes this.
          1. Adrian
            "Don't get blownapart, Bonaprte"
            Pros - Really good use, sourcing of different furniture that suits the place well
            Cons - None
            Love a bit of history
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