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The Drey VIP Apartment

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    • Personal Space Drey VIP Apartment
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    This apartment reminded me of something a movie star or rock star might own, a sort of portable "Wardrobe on Wheels" that moves from venue to venue with everything on board to cater to all their needs. With that in mind I set to work making a bedroom area in the wardrobe section of the apartment using the Lockwood Dream Hideaway bed reward and adding various ornaments here and there. I then moved on to the next section which I decided would have a bathroom, living area, and kitchen combo, to give the feel of everything being in one place. The bathroom furniture I choose was the Black Marble set by Veemee. The black kitchen unit I used is also by Veemee; I felt blended in well with it's surroundings. I wanted some sort of table and seating area so I opted for the Granzella Bar reward from the Bay Loft apartment by Granzella, which comes with 3 bar stools. For the living area I choose the Creek Falls sofa and Lockwood piano, finishing off with a picture frame on the wall by Codeglue ,and few ornaments for the bathroom and kitchen.

    Items used Bedroom

    Ultra Modern Smart Bed Lockwood Dream hideaway Apartment Reward
    Counter Chair Granzella Bay Loft Apartment Reward
    Wedding Reception Lilies Lockwood Reward
    Round Display jar with red shoes JAM Games 99 c
    Luxurious Clothing Mannequin Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward
    Business Suit Mannequin Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward
    Stained Glass Partition Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward
    Small stuffed Cat Toy Granzella Reward

    Items used living area

    Potted Plant Lobelia Granzella Bayloft Aparment Reward Potted Plant Madagascar Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward
    Potted Plant petunia Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward
    Miniature Tree Granzella Cafe Apartment Reward Decorative palm Granzlla Reward
    My Bath Room Slate Bathroom set VEEMEE $8.49 Creek falls Sofa Sony 99 c
    Abstract standing lamp Sony 99 c
    80" Colour Moodlight Led Square Codeglue $1.49
    Cubic Table light Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward
    Grand piano Granzella 99 c
    Black marble Kitchen Set VEEMEE $8.49
    Kitchen hob top Lockwood
    White Bar Counter Unit Granzella Bayloft Apartment Reward Heart cake Granzella
    Bathroom Candles Lockwood Gift item
    Vase of Red Roses Lockwood 99 c
    Fruit stand Granzella 99 c
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Recent User Reviews

  1. GreyNeo
    Pros - Simple palette and streamlined
    Cons - None!
    Very well done
    1. Boxer.Lady
      "Nice job!"
      Pros - Love the pics and explanation!
      1. Slav
        "Nice Job!"
        Pros - Simple and uncluttered

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        1. GreyNeo
          OMG, I really had no desire for this space but now... I want it!! =^) Beautiful job decorating! Very well done.
        2. Boxer.Lady
          Excellent job Vicky!
        3. VickyTheVampire
          one slight correction the piano listed in the main review is by Granzella and not lockwood