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The Boudoir - Featuring The Glamour Collection by Dani and Codeglue

Average User Rating:
  1. Nerzhul
    "Ummm!!! Ok just a Great job!"
    Pros - Again a lot of pix. Good job!
    Cons - zero
    1. luuk
      "the picture ar greet it look super greet"
      1. Dino
        "6 stars!!!!! Very provocative !!!"
        Pros - Great sense of style!!!
        Cons - Zero!!
        1. K.H
          "Very Nice!!!"
          Pros - Well done and classy . Really shows off Dani Line well
          Cons - None at all
          1. x-x_KIA_x-x
            "Stunning pics"
            Pros - yes
            Cons - no