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The Bonds of Love fashion review

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Elven Princess(LKWD) - .99 / A-Line hairstyle(Threads) - .99 / Default hairstyle
    • Hands UC3 Drake's Deception Para 9 pistol (UC3 mini-game) / Hitman Agent 47 silverballers (Hitman Absolution) - .99 / MIB Noisy Cricket (LOOT) - .99
    • Feet Penny scarlet w/o stockings shoes (JAM) - .99 / Drey spiked sandal stilettos(LKWD) - .99 / Jenny black w/o stockings shoes (JAM) - .99
    • Outfits Penny scarlet dress and Jenny black dress w/o stockings (JAM) - 1.49 / Penny scarlet and Jenny black catsuit (JAM) - 1.99
    For the person who receives this message this is a warning to watch out for a certain group of mercenaries, the plans was just to get revenge but somehow it spiraled out of control and there is now a hit called on you. This group is girls are called the “Bonds of love” they enjoy lace detailed halter-neck fashion in either black or red and weaponry. Whatever you do watch out for these girls because they are definitely Dangerous, I have included in this letter to you pictures of the girls and I a bit of a description of who they are and some definite tell-tale signs that you are in the vicinity of these dangerous women.

    Elmo aka The silent assassin, she is the one that has a deep love for wearing the Jenny Black dress, you’ll notice that she is around by the shoes that she’s wearing which are LKWD Drey black spiked sandal heels, and her favorite hairstyle is a uneven bob from Threads. Weapon of choice the Hitman dual silencer guns in chrome. She’s the silent but deadly member try to avoid any areas that have a shopping mall or alcoholic beverages, odds are she’s going to be around you’ll never see her coming if you do not pay attention to your surroundings, you have been warned.

    Carla (Carla_Birch-USA) aka The muscle, she is the hand to hand combat of the group look out for either the Penny Scarlet dress or her other favorite the Penny Scarlet Catsuit, she has the affinity for violent behavior and will attack at random don’t be fooled by the elven princess dirty blond hair it’s a cover to make catch you off guard, she may appear nice in her scarlet catsuit or dress with the Penny Scarlet shoes w/o stockings but again this is just a disguise to confuse you before you find yourself captured and in harm’s way. You again have been warned about her, she’s a dangerous person make sure to avoid places with food or left over tech, she has a love for tech and food.

    And finally Karen (Kwoman32) aka The wheels, she is a danger behind the wheel and the getaway vehicle, she’s also the person who deals with the special weaponry like bombs and explosives, she is well known for her favorite Jenny Black Catsuit and car “Accidents,” she is a dangerous person behind the wheel and has been known to be a mastermind of car crashes and accidents. Be on the lookout she loves the messy curly bob hairstyle and her Jenny high heel sandals, avoid streets and roads and well essentially outside because she has off-road access and is a danger to be around.

    Remember you have been warned about these ladies although they aren’t into wearing two pieces which would be great looking outfits and might actually make my job harder in trying to identify them by the fashion norms that they love the wear while on mission, they are very fashionable mercenaries and would love nothing more than to accomplish and finish a job followed by a trip to a bar and drink the night away, again you have been warned I hope you are reading this and listening and committing this to memory because I would hate to see you end up hurt and just another notch on their belt of past jobs.

    Good luck and be safe
    Not Elmo
    (P.S. This message will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…1)

    Thanks to Jam games for creating such an awesome collection and although I would have wished they were two pieces and not one piece I have to admit I really really loved the details that went behind the entire collection like for those who would be interesting I would suggest getting as close a shot of the outfits as you can to really appreciate how much detail went into the outfits. The only complaint I have is that I wished these outfits were two-piece and maybe have more alternate color ideas (like white or maybe brown) for future references, I would also like to add that it would have been nice to see some alternate spy gear like maybe a trench coat dress or a swimsuit set w/ gun, just som minor suggestions I don't have too many negatives towards this collection. The collection is great and I would definitely suggest trying to buy at least one piece in this collection. Again thanks for reading this and hopefully I have helped you in deciding if this collection is something worth your time.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Skye
    "The Bonds of Love fashion review"
    Pros - Love the Bonds of Love collection by Jam Games, they really hit it out of the park with this one.
    Cons - No cons that I can think of
    I think Elmo did a great job writing this review. I enjoyed reading and I'm sure other well, too! Good job Elmo! ^_^ You rocked it girl!!!
    Heavyn likes this.
    1. JAM Games Ltd
      "Love it! It's awesome!"
      Pros - A brilliant article! That sums it up!
      Cons - Not enough clothes in the line (yet) to review hehehehe!
      All suggestions taken on board! Thank you :D
      Heavyn and Skye like this.

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