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Sneaker Headz Unite

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Head Agent 47 barcode head (this is exclusively bundled in the agent 47 outfit set for 3.99)
    • Hands gold bangle w/ ring (.25) / silver bangle w/ ring (.49)
    • Torso Snugglebear backpack (GM)
    • Legs go-go denim shorts 1 - black (.99)
    • Feet Animated Hi-tops - Oil (.99) /
    • Jewellery Gold hoop earrings (.25) / Silver Hoop earrings (.25)
    • Outfits Pinafore Dress - white (GM)
    I know this may come as a surprise to most people who don't/do know me...but I secretly have an addiction to cute sneakers, I don't know what it is but when I see a lovely pair that not only showcases versatility but also a style that is unique. My favorite types would have to be the hi-tops they are more about comfort and style and great fun to play around with than virtually any other style of sneaker, the second favorite would have to be the low-tops though those I don't like because my ankles like to be covered up and to be honest they aren't as lovely to see as hi-tops in my opinion.

    The sad fact when it comes to home and women's sneakers is that there are rarely any greatly crafted sneakers out there for women who want something that looks a lot like what the guys are getting but isn't too big on the feet nor does it look crappy and low-resish.

    In comes LKWD crafting their animated hi-tops at first they only created a set that was exclusively just sneaker heels for women, although I liked/loved them(even doing an article a long time ago about the set) but I was also hoping that we wouldn't be left out in receiving female versions of the male sneakers but for girls. I knew that they would keep things at the sneaker heels and the hi-tops for men and let my desires stay in the background. Until LKWD created the female variation of the male hi-tops for women around the time of e3 those sneakers were the LKWD orange sneakers for girls and guys.

    I knew that I had to have a pair but I didn't want to get the LKWD orange so the wait to find a cute enough set that was perfect for me took a couple months and that is what attracted me towards the LKWD Animated Hi-tops in Oil. They are a very versatile style of shoe that could be perfect for any fashionista that would love to expand her fashion catalog on pshome

    I found that sneakers can actually be accessed perfectly w/ the right set of items. My favorite go to look when it comes to the sneakers in home would have to be the blank canvas white pinafore dress w/ golden accessories, The perfect addition to that style would be the tortoise shell heart shaped glasses from the Drey Collection it's sort of a simple look that doesn't over-complicate the shoes but also doesn't understate the style to where it's a boring and basic look. I also found that shorts looked great w/ the sneakers but I wanted to challenge myself by instead of wearing the normal style of shorts I feature the Konami go-go shorts in black w/ the white belt and a golden belt buckle, I should have featured an adorable purse but the crop top I was using in the picture features a bear like backpack. I think both looks are simple yet lovely and there is sooooo much more that could be done to these sneakers but from what I was attempting I wanted to try something fun and flirty but still what I would wear myself.
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  1. SethRis28
    "Excellent as always"
    Pros - stylin
    Cons - none as i can find
    Overall: excellent

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