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Sky Temple of Fratos - Yellow Team

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space Sky Temple of Fratos
    • Total 100
    • Hair 1
    This was a space also offered as a daily challeges reward that again, I walked in it and had NO IDEA where to take it. When I decorate my spaces, especially if they have a very strong theme already, I try to take them out of the box and create something most would not have thought to do with it. I didn't want a classic greek temple look, because that's safe and easy, and I am never safe and easy if I can avoid it. Again, I just started laying carpets and furniture, and it just started to flow. This space is small enough that you can easily create a beautiful and interesting space with 100 slots. I used all 100, but I like details. It is also big enough that it can have an open feel and enough room for entertaining. Again, I have used wall lights in the bathroom which helps to brighten it up a bit. I was also able to create a backdrop behind the fireplace to make it more apealing to the eye, and by using the romantic fireplace active item, was able to have piano jazz add some ambience to the space. I have added a kitchen, bedroom and again, a bathroom. This is probably one of the funnest places I have decorated in a long time!
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  1. VickyTheVampire
    Pros - very nicely decorated and presented
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    1. Boxer.Lady
      I LOVE what you've done in this space! You deco a lot like I do, making each space a "home."
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    2. VickyTheVampire
      wow really well done foof!!
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    3. Foofyloose
      This is a contest entry for the Yellow Team...I forgot to add it to the post apologies.
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