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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Uproar-Outlaws Head Tattoo (for Male): Uproar space reward item
    • Hands Sodium Techsuit Gloves-Gray (for Male): $0.99 in the Lockwood store
    • Torso Saiga's lab coat (SIREN:BC): Saiga's scenario reward item in SIREN:BC public space
    • Legs Doodler's Jeans-Black (for Male): Lock-a-Doodle reward item
    • Feet Alden's Shoes: $0.49 in the Threads store
    • Accessories Face-Head Mirror (Male): Home Tycoon reward/Head-Crackle Kill Count Axed Head:KillCount 2012 reward
    For this item, I had a bit of help in the field of editing, shooting and items. A special thank you to Elmo for all the help, in particular for being the extra and rocking the SIREN:BC nurses outfit and the big scary knife! As for the rest, the items from the SIREN:BC lounge are items I always thought were great for doing something like this, or for creating something creepy in general. While paying out for a full costume for Halloween (or any other occasion) is tempting, I always find it best to mix and match, especially when it comes to reward items. So sit back, get your soda and popcorn, and enjoy this B-Horroresque shoot!
  • Observer Screenshot 16_11 AM 3_18_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 16_11 AM 3_18_2014.jpg
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