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PlayStation Home Mansion - Garage

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  • features
    Check out the full list of features that this PlayStation Home personal space supports or does not support.

    YesWall Hangings
    This space as 6 Slots.
    NOEditable Wallpaper
    This space does not support editable wallpaper.
    YesHome Rewards
    This space has rewards to win.
    YesVideo Screen
    This space has 1 video screen.
    NoInteractive Lights
    This space does not support interactive lights.
    NoDay & Night
    This space does not support day & night.
    This space comes with the following mini-games.
    Gold Chess & Gold Checkers
    YesOther Interactive Systems
    This space comes with the following interactive systems.
    Seats, Wishing Fountain, Roadster, Sports Car, Sedan, Garage Rewards
  • Costing
    This item costs the following to buy in the below regions.


    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    3rd June 2011
    7th June 2012
    Not Released
    7th June 2012

User Comments

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  1. HeavensLightfire
    When this was free during the Welcome Back Program, mostly everyone got this, sadly this is probaly the most disappointing parts of the mansion, i mean when it was free this was worth it but now, who wants to pay 15$ for an oversized parking garage and a few rewards? well not me, so if your a big PS HOME Mansion fan or want to complete your mansion, well better hope you saved enough money for that, unless you got it back in July 2011
  2. Luis Miguel Moreno Vergel
    The parts of the playstation home mansion have a value of 14.00$ the cool is the mansion have a gold items and much more...
  3. Manny Faces
    when i first got the news that PSN is giving away the Mansion-Garage, i was getting some thoughts. one of these thoughts is that "why should i get the garage if i don't want the mansion?" and the other "its free so get it while it lasts", i should of stuck with the first far yes its nice, rich, and big. but why would you get this if your not gonna get the full mansion? i mean you live in the" garage" theres a big screen TV with only one channel and the only thing fun in this is the Chess and the Checkers games. but hey u get the rest of the mansion then you can have the garage.
  4. gary160974
    bad planning gold plated cars and a reward system that lets you give rewards to everyone else who has already got rewards because it was free but i like it for its views its games and its free
  5. Chaoticdoomofbob
    The amount of stuff to do is a welcome addition. Chess, checkers, reward giving, a usable wishing fountain, and a tv. There are also hiden keys in the mansion to unlock cars for the garage. The prizes on the other hand look unfinished and very pixelated gold. Lastly, the space is a garage. Not the best of the mansion areas, but the chess and checkers are good to have.
  6. Ultra
    Got this free so I have no complaints. It's spacious so you can fit whatever you want in it. I bought the Warhawk Jeep and Vintage Car for the garage but they are actually tiny after I bought them (angry at them not stating this). Only the F1 cars (from the Racing Box) are anywhere near full size. Otherwise you get the gold cars if you buy the other mansion parts. Overall I like it, we just need publishers to make some full-size car ornaments / seats for it.
  7. InvalidField
    I wish I had not taken the time to download this free space. That was like 90 seconds of my life that I'll never get back. The one positive thing is that I finally found a photo frame that looks old enough and ornate enough to hang in the Assassin's Creed Apartment and I didn't have to pay for it or to bother befriending someone who cares to pay for such ugly stuff. Also the trailers on the video screen are sometimes kind of interesting, but I wish it was a 'real' home theater system like the Yacht or the Hollywood Hills house. I can't figure out who hangs out in their garage instead of in their expensive (albeit tacky) house, just to watch commercials and trailers. And anyone who owns three gold-plated cars ought to be smacked in the face.
  8. JamesBR27
    It's for FREE, so you will not have this space only if it is your desire.