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Penny Pincher's Halloween Vol. 1

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Outfits Lost Soul Costume ("read from the Moulding Manuscript" minigame reward in Cutteridge Estate personal space)
    Greetings, fashion friends. Once again, I delve into the fashion world of Playstation Home. This time, to introduce the first in many volumes for low cost Halloween costume ideas.

    This one is pretty straight forward. Combine the listed item and the LMO "Xi Continuum Code Flight" (Xi: Continuum day 0 completion reward) for a surprisingly cool Halloween costume (for Males). The female version has a cooler effect, and can be combined with a blue aura LMO to complete the look (not pictured in this review).

    Thank you and enjoy!
  • PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-17-2013 10-36-23.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-17-2013 10-37-18.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-17-2013 10-37-39.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-17-2013 10-40-10.jpg

Recent User Reviews

  1. SethRis28
    "Penny Saved"
    Pros - cheap, cheap, cheap...also looks great!
    Cons - none minus having to play the minigame in Cutteridge's harder than it sounds.
    Overall: Go for broke this Halloween without spending a dime.

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