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ibb and obb male item showcase

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Halli Hairstyle-Leaf streak($0.99 in LKWD store)
    • Hands Playground Male Mesh Black Gloves($0.49 in threads-originals store)
    • Torso obb Sweater(Male)/ibb Sweater(Male)(reward for playing "ibb and obb" demo)
    • Legs Black Skull Buckle Jeans($0.99 in LKWD store)
    • Feet ibb and obb Socks(Male)(free from "ibb and obb" kiosk in The Hub in psHome)
    • Accessories Face-Toxic Green Contact Lenses(for Male)($0.49 in LKWD store) Head-Whack Off Prize3(Male)(reward for beating "Whack OFF!" level3 in Midway3 public space)
    Greetings, fashion friends. Once again, I dive into the fashion world of Playstation Home. This time, a short showcase/review of the "ibb and obb" game rewards for males.

    First, a quick kudos to the fashion friend who alerted me to this(you know who you are) cool demo. For playing the ibb and obb demo, males receive a green "ibb" sweater and a pink "obb" sweater. A pair of mismatched socks for males (as well as a dozen other free items) can be found in the "ibb and obb" kiosk in The Hub in Playstation Home.

    Feel free to add whatever you please to these items, but for me the look came together with black, green, and pink item/coloring.

    Finally, as a bonus, I added the ibb and obb companions(though how i won them i have no idea). Whether it's completing the demo or collecting the "cube" items in the demo i.d.k. If anyone can solve this please leave the answer in the comment box of this post. Thank you and enjoy!
  • PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-07-2013 10-51-32_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-07-2013 10-51-42_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-07-2013 10-55-42_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 08-07-2013 10-56-10_1.jpg
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Recent User Reviews

  1. SethRis28
    Pros - free items from a public kiosk, cool demo with more items to enjoy and two companions to accompany you; and really nice to combine with other items.
    Cons - none that i could find, though still haven't figured out the formula for getting the companions.
    Overall: spiffy rewards from a spiffy game :)

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