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Dani 1.2: The mix and match collection

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair bun hairstyle Gz - .99 / bun hairstyle Gz - .99
    • Hands Drey gold woven clutch bag - .99 / Gz delinquent fingerless gloves - Gz delinquent bundle for 2.49
    • Torso Dani 1.2 white cutout top (heart) - .99 / Dani 1.2 black cut out top (heart) - .99
    • Legs Drey white high waisted shorts - GM variant / Dani 1.1 black lace shorts - .99
    • Feet LKWD cream stilettos - 99 / LKWD over the knee red stiletto boots - .99
    • Jewellery Cameo earrings - .25 / white pearl hoop earrings - .25
    Now to showcase the Dani 1.2 line is as the 1.1 line a great feature piece to end the year with for Dani.

    I really loved this collection on a lot of what was created from the cut out tops to the high low skirts I thought dani did a great job tho' I have one complaint(mentioned at the end of this) I think if Dani plans to continue to go this route of making mix and match fashions that we actually want and desire and NEED then she's going to definitely take the home fashion world by storm(well continue to she's already doing a fantastic job of that w/ what she has currently released) This set up features cut out tops and the skirts that were released from the dani 1.1 line(I figured I'd showcase how well the mix and match goes in both collections by exclusively using the 1.1 skirts in the 1.2 review and vice versa) and how let's get into the collection.

    The first set up I want to highlight is the cut-out heart shaped top, I found this to be a completely adorable look and I loved dani for including a white version of the top I actually had loads of fun trying to create opposite looks featuring both tops. There are two colors to the heart top black and the alt is a white color, The off the rack set up for this is the wide split skirt and the low lace pattern heels the looks I featured w/ these tops are:

    This white lace top I went w/ the drey high waisted leather shorts w/ golden zippers and the cream colored lkwd stilettos

    I also included the gold woven clutch bag from the drey collection. This look I felt was too perfect not to put together even tho' it's not a lot of color to it and the gold is short of highlighted because the white is such a basic color I still felt that this look was its own level of perfectly fitting. Also making another appearance is the Cameo earrings from threads.

    The black heart top I went w/ sort of the same look but I wanted to give it sort of an edge and not work towards making this all come together I featured the knee high lkwd stiletto boots, the dani 1.1 lace shorts and the black fingerless gloves from the delinquent collection from Gz also included was the white gold earrings from threads. This set I could have went the lazy route and done the same sort of look that I did for the white outfit but I wanted to gives this look its own personality it sort of screams spice
    whereas the white set up was more the sugar and sweet look. I really really want to highlight from this look how effortless the Dani 1.1 shorts look w/ the top and again how much I love dani's eye for what's needed in home w/ this collection.

    The next set up is the Cut out top set there are actually two versions and they created a way to sort of help differentiate them. One features a 3 button set on the collar whereas the other features a zipper set up on right below the bust area. This set up, the top that features the zipper below the bust, originally included the non-wide split skirt and the high lace shoes but for my featured looks I went

    The Cut out uni top is a basic black top w/ lace trim on the cut out section as well as lace trim on the sleeves I wanted for this basic black top to feature the LKWD drey silhouette skirt in hot pink, to add on to this bit of color I went for the LKWD candy leopard peep toe wedge platform heels. For those who don't know this was and always has been my favorite lkwd skirt I love to piece this w/ whatever I can get to work with it.

    It's a rare treat when I get to find a top that perfectly fits w/ this skirt because it's so hard to find one that doesn't bleed through the top and create an ugly mess. The dani 1.2 uni top was one of those tops that just didn't and I really loved this piece because it flows so well together, and genuinely looks like a fun piece to wear.

    The cut out top cross hatch (consider this a plaid bandeau that is attached to a top) was used w/ the dani 1.1 asymmetrical skirt and HUGE gem from the Gz public space, follow that w/ the lkwd silver stilettos. I found this look to be cute because of how the plaid sort of breaks up all the black in this top and gives it less of a one set color so there is no need to include a huge expanse of color(though do try to include color it could be great with this top). The shades that were used are from Threads they are the black shades.

    Next is the button up cut out top, I loved this set up as well as the last because it is basically just a bandeau that is connected to a top and w/ the fringed/frayed cut out sleeves it's an even better set up. The off the rack look for this collection is the high low skirt w/ the medium length lace shoes, this is the final set up from the new Dani 1.2 line and I really had a lot of fun w/ both this collection as well as the 1.1 collection.

    My set up for this top is The Cut out striped top I went with a lot of color thrown together as well as two patterns that I feel feature well together. The cut out striped top, the yellow balen... I mean LKWD oversized handbag and for some reason I wanted the leopard print stiletto heels from the gm to work w/ this entire look. It screams street fashion and can look all over the place but I for some reason loved piecing this look together because I love trying to make patterns work together even tho' it can be more of a stretch and depending on a fashionistas opinion could work and occasionally not work. Also included is the copper drey wing earrings.

    The cut out dotted top I sort of calmed down the mix of colors and featured the drey button panel skirt in Aubergine, the LKWD peep toe platform wedge heels in black w/ red trim I wanted this one to be a bit less daring but still have some fun w/ the look so I featured the top w/ the button panel skirt because I again wanted this skirt to make an appearance in this entire collection and felt that this look would work.

    One thing to note about the tops in this collection is that they don't bleed, at least I haven't seen any bleeding, like the previous collection which gives the wearer an even bigger list of options to pick when it comes to mix and match with alternate pieces from outside and as well as inside the collection(tho' most of the items inside the collection are easily the best to mix and match with). This is a collection that features some very lovely pieces and some suggested items if not going for the entire collection at least consider the white heart top as well as the daring and lovely wide split skirt.

    One complaint that I can say for this set up is the shoes I'm not a big fan of them tho' they aren't bad to where I won't ever use them just they aren't my favorite, especially compared to what was featured in the 1.1 line, those shoes are golden and it seems like a regressive state to go from that to these shoes that are a bit like the older collection shoes that we have. Even tho' the shoes are something I was not fully here for I still have a great love for this line and wish to again see more from Dani in 2014 that is if home lasts that long (I really hope so).

    Thanks again to dani for this collection and thanks for YPSH for endorsing my random
    and sometimes odd style of fashion. ^__^/
  • Dani 2 - Cross Hatch.png
    Dani 2 - Cutout striped.png
    Dani 2 - cutout.png
    Dani 2 - heart(white).png
    Dani 2 - heart.png
    Dani 2 - uni top.png
    Dani 2.png

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