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City by the Bay Loft “Window to the World”

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  • features
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    YesWall Hangings
    This space as 16 Slots.
    YesEditable Wallpaper
    This space supports editable wallpaper.
    YesHome Rewards
    This space has rewards to win.
    NoVideo Screen
    This space does not have any video screens.
    YesInteractive Lights
    This space supports interactive lights.
    YesDay & Night
    This space supports day & night.
    This space does not have mini-games.
    YesOther Interactive Systems
    This space comes with the following interactive systems.
    Settings Menu, Store, Shower & Change clothes
  • Costing
    This item costs the following to buy in the below regions.


    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    27th November 2013
    27th November 2013
    Not Released
    Not Released
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Mei_Mei_Wu
    Pros - The rewards are amazing and great to use in different spaces;
    Its mega Huge;
    Love the interactive environment so realistic;
    Great open spaces to make your own style.
    Cons - Its to huge for 100 slots;
    To bad the curtains are only for sale in City by the bay: Paris (lucky me I live there)
    Its a long way down when your at the top floor.
    Everything of this space is amazing but it screams for more slots. And a elevator :p its really is a long way down, and NO the Sodium pad is not a solution. Its using way to many slots. I am still making my plan for decorating this space before I buy it. ^_^

    My idea's to recreate more slots ( I hope Granzella will read this)
    - How about making the rewards furniture slot free for this space. If you want to place it else where than it will be 1 slot.
    - Or bring out a option to buy more slots like 0,10 ct for 10slots.
    - I know something else make it possible to have each floor his own amount of slots.
    1. Adrian
      "Good thing"
      Pros - City views. Set in a realistic landscape.
      Tram ride :)
      setting the lighting & time of day.
      Traffic moves around outside.
      Cons - Too big, 100 slots only goes so far.
      Nice artwork, innovative settings, an apartmentwith a bit of , but then with scope to adapt the apartment to add your own personality.
      1. Skye
        "Cityby the Bay Loft"
        Pros - Tons of rewards plus amazing features.
        Cons - None that I know of
        I love the space. Can't wait to buy it

        User Comments

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        1. Slav
          Worth it just for the rewards!
        2. NYsFynist
          I love this space. I love the city motif and all the space. Not to mention the interactivity of the space. This is awesome!
        3. Norah
          wow I thought it's a normal space thanks for reviwing.
        4. kwoman32
          Full list of rewards (with locations) under "Discussion" tab
        5. Fay78
          Love this space! My only complaints about it is the limit of 100 furniture slots in such a large space! I want to put more items in it! Also, I don't like that I can't purchase curtains and carpeting from this space. I don't want to have to purchase the City of Flowers space just to buy them for my space. They should be able to purchase at the City by the Bay Loft as well.
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