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Billabong - La Brisa Dress

Average User Rating:
  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair LKWD - NEWLYWED - hairstyle
    • Hands Granzella wind and the earth - black and gold - bracelets
    • Feet LKWD - classic stiletto heels - Cream
    • Jewellery Greek Female - earrings
    • Accessories Drey sweetheart - tortoiseshell - sunglasses
    • Outfits Billabong - La Brisa Dress - Multi
    Well made and beautiful another new fashion stable from the creative minds behind the billabong clothing company.

    I have to give the devs that be a kudos for making this not only closely crafted to the real design but also for creating another first, and hopefully not the last, high low dress that was created in the home fahsion universe.

    Honestly any fashion diva who wants something different in her closet should definitely consider this a purchase. It's a very beautiful simplistic piece that could go with a host of styles, but it all depends on the fashionista that uses it.
  • billabong - La Brisa Dress - Multi.jpg

Recent User Reviews

  1. SethRis28
    "Excellent showcase!"
    1. Heavyn
      "The High-low dress of my dreams"
      Pros - It' s an excellently designed dress that is perfectly for any fashionista, it's one piece and isn't taking up space being connected to the top and bottom tab it's directly in outfits which is great.
      Cons - I wish it came in more colors and it would have been nice to see something like this come as separates
      great item that I think all who love fashion would enjoy.
      Gojin likes this.

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