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Billabong - Cameron Bandeau - Ivory - Bundle

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Loose Braid Hairtsyle
    • Hands Manicure
    • Legs Leggings - Jeans Model C
    • Feet Yachting Holiday Wedge Heels - White
    • Jewellery White Naveen Earrings
    • Accessories Beautiful Eyes: Normal (Sapphire Blue)
    I just adore this bikini from Billabong. It is so cute. I love the pattern, style, colors, and the way the ties on the bikini look. Not only is it great beachwear, but you can also use the top as a regular top for other outfit purposes.

    I do hope that they plan to release other versions of this bikini set. The possibilities of patterns and colors on it are endless and should be explored by the creators.
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    Observer Screenshot 0_59 AM 7_25_2013Z2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_07 AM 7_25_2013Z5.jpg
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  1. SethRis28
    "Great Showcase"
    Pros - Excellent, stylish set
    Cons - none, except needs more color variety
    Overall: Great item for great value

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