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"A Documentary"

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Varies by day/photo
    • Head Varies by day/photo
    • Hands Varies by day/photo
    • Torso Varies by day/photo
    • Legs Varies by day/photo
    • Feet Varies by day/photo
    • Accessories Varies by day/photo
    • Outfits Varies by day/photo
    As you can tell by the short description, this is the project I have been working on for the past week: trophy hunting one of the last two Playstation home trophies one can get. Between picking the location, setting up the scene, compiling the wardobe item, and post editing the photos, I think it has been worth it. I'll let you be the judge. Enjoy! :)

    Item list by #Day
    Day One-Evil Leprechaun
    Hair: The Pragmatist-$0.99 in the Lockwood store
    Hands: Wolfclaws (male)-Serenity Plaza Halloween Spooktacular reward
    Torso: Leprechaun shirt-(no longer available)
    Legs: Track Pants-Green-(no longer available)
    Feet: Gold Accented Dress Shoes-Free in x7
    Accessories/Head: Elf Ears (for Male) $0.99 in Lockwood store
    Accessories/Face: Wolf Eyes-Green(male)-from Festus for 5 coins
    in Serenity Plaza Hallooween Spooktacular

    Day Two-Cryomancer
    Hair: The Genjiro(outline)-$1.49 in the Lockwood store
    Hands: Studded Collar-Jumbo Circle Studs (for Male)-LKWD Giftmachine
    Torso: Uproar-Outlaws Hoodie (for Male)-Uproar public space reward
    Legs: Socom FTB Snow Camo (legs)-(no longer available)
    Feet: Socom FTB Snow Camo (boots)-(no longer available)
    Accessories/Head: Elf Ears (for Male) $0.99 in Lockwood store
    Accessories/Face: Color Changing Contact Lenses-Blues (for Male)-$0.49 in Lockwood store

    Day Three-Djinn
    Hair: Sodium Pummel Hairstyle (for male)-$0.99 in Lockwood store
    Hands: Ghoul Gloves-Black-$0.99 in Lockwood store
    Torso: Raiment of the Seven Winds Top (Male)-available for 10 coins in Serenity Plaza
    Legs: Nightfall Herald Breeches-$0.99 in Lockwood store
    Feet: Sultan's Sandals-Sable-$1.49 in Lockwood store
    Accessories/Head: Ram horns-(no longer available)
    Accessories/Face: Lightning eyes-Proton (for Male)-available in LKWD giftmachine

    Day Four-Ronin
    Head: Dokuganryu's Samurai Helmet (Silver, Male)-$2.49 in Granzella store
    Hands: Demon Sword, Mukademaru (men)-Great Edo of Nippon reward
    Torso: Dokuganryu's Samurai Armour (Silver, Male)-$2.49 in Granzella store
    Legs: Dokuganryu's Lower Garment (Silver, Male)-$2.49 in Granzella store
    Feet: Dokuganryu's Samurai Boots (Silver, Male)-$1.49 in Granzella store

    Day five-Salt Shooter
    Bundle: Sodium Pilot Outfit-Red Chili Edition-$4.99 in Lockwood store

    Day Six-iGore
    Head: Skull Mask-$0.99 in Costumes store
    Hands: Sodium Techsuit Gloves-Gray (for Male): $0.99 in the Lockwood store
    Torso: Saiga's lab coat (SIREN:BC): Saiga's scenario reward item in SIREN:BC public space
    Legs: Doodler's Jeans-Black (for Male): Lock-a-Doodle reward item
    Feet: Alden's Shoes: $0.49 in the Threads store
    Accessories/Face: Male Ghostbusters Costume Ecto Goggles-$0.49 in the L00T store

    Day Seven-Stasis
    Head: Homelings Head Extender-free in Lockwood store
    Hands: Gokuac Clan, Grunt Gloves (men)-free in store in Secret Peacekeeping Base/Yuma Cafe Apt
    Costume: Gray Body Suit-as part of the set available for $2.99 in Peakvox Labs store
    Accessories/Head: Head band Headphones-$0.49 in Threads store

    Day Eight-Contrasted
    Hair: The Pragmatist-$0.99 in the Lockwood store
    Hands: Raven Claws-$0.99 in Threads store
    Torso: Leather Zipper Jacket-Black (for Male)-40 crowns in LKWD Life Redeeminator
    Legs: "Spike" Pants-$0.99 in Costume store
    Feet : Biker Boots (male)-available in VeeMee 3D Printer
    Accessories/Face: Classic Shades-$0.49 in Threads store

    Day Nine-Crusader
    Bundle: Sir Galahad-$1.49 in VeeMee store

    Day Ten-Lovecraftian
    Head: Male Red Raven's Villain Mask-$0.49 in Costume store
    Hands: Raven Claws-$0.99 in Threads store
    Torso: Night Herald Frock Coat-$1.49 in Lockwood store
    Legs: Nightfall Herald Breeches-$0.99 in Lockwood store
    Feet: Night Herald Boots-$0.99 in Lockwood store
    Accessories/Face: Demon Hunter Red Eyes (male)-$0.49 in Juggernaut store

  • PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-12-2014 12-28-50_1.jpg
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    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-14-2014 06-40-47.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-15-2014 11-11-21_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-16-2014 04-45-30_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-17-2014 13-48-39_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-18-2014 10-17-53.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-19-2014 13-24-02_1.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-20-2014 09-34-51.jpg
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