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  1. A question came to mind this week, which was which Xenosaga episode was best between the 3. I found myself dissecting various aspects of each game! Intially I answered my own question, by stating that episode I was best because of the combat system, but later retracted it. I then found myself looking for others thoughts on which was the best of the 3. In doing so I found almost all were opposed to episode II, for what reason though! I personally findd the game amazing! due to it's CG scenes which are action packed!! It also introduced a character I had been waiting to see since Episode I, which was "Jin Uzuki"! The reason given by those who dislike episode II is the combat system..."it's too hard"..."it isn't like Episode I's"..."I can't beat enemies" These are all quite amusing reasons for disliking Episode II, but so trival, it's sad! Yes, Episode II did take away the combat system which I established, but that doesn't change the fact that Episode II's combat system is still nicely done!


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