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  1. Were you one of the lucky ones to get into the closed Beta? I tried everything. I tried the web site everyday; downloaded the theme you name it but no dice. On December 11 2008 I finally got my chance when it went open Beta. My brother called me with the news but said he was having trouble with the download because of so many people doing the same thing. I didn’t have too many problems and later that night I was in Home Square going through the tutorial. Remember trying to talk without the keypad? Big fun

    Here it is, coming on three years and millions of users later and we still have a Beta tag. I know it’s no big deal but sometimes it makes me nervous. Like they could cancel it saying it didn’t work out. Are all the bugs worked out? This happened to me getting into the VMK Beta only to have it cancelled a few years later. I love the game and the community but frankly will feel a little better after that Beta tag isn’t there… but, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing. If we loose the Beta tag will we start being charged for the Clubhouse!


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  1. ted2112
    Funny the timing of this Blog!

    Sony announces the "Next Evolution for PlayStation Home"

    It looks amazing and looking at the size and scope of it, they must have been working on this for a long time!

    The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011 – PlayStation Blog
  2. stephrules31
    Ok. I read it. I got it! Lol. Thanks for clearing that up!
  3. Shaundi
    Lol, to put it simply it's named a beta because it's the second major part of testing (beta being the 2nd greek letter) and comes after the Alpha (the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet) and yes, can't wait for new Tomb Raider :thumbsup:

    and you just shoosh Dee :p
  4. stephrules31
    Haha. Ok... :D Im so confused! Lol. I love your avatar Rachel. Omg. I am so ready for that game
  5. Diamond_Dust
    Don't listen to Rachel, she doesn't know what she's talking about.
  6. Shaundi
    Software release life cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    that should help answer your question, I hope :p
  7. stephrules31
    What exactly does Beta mean? Lol. I know that sounds stupid, but I never understood it...
  8. gary160974
    Ive been about since open beta, ever since they sent a redeem code, seen a lot of changes, mostly with the way home is heading, its too big too complex and theres a lot of people involved for it to be completely bug free and because its ever evolving then the beta tag should stay.
  9. Kimilicious
    Haha Ted :angel_not:

    Is It Bad That I Don't Use A Keypad Or Keyboard Still ? .. LoL Well I Do Have A Keypad But It Becomes A Pain To Type In The Dark. I Am Pretty Fast Typing Without Either; I Blame My Text Messaging Addiction .. Hee Hee :lookaround:

    Sadly, I Wasn't Around Home When It First Started, I Started July 2009. It Just Passed 2 Years For Me Last Month In Home And I Must Say, What An Addiction! .. Haha

    I Doubt We Will Lose Home, I Think Home Is One Of Sony's Money Maker Services. I Hate To Imagine If They Did Close It Down. There Are Still Bugs Unfortunately. It Seems With Every Update, There Is A New Bug ;__; ..

    As For The Clubhouse, If They Are Going To Charge Then I Have A List Of Demands For That Space If Its A Monthly Fee. Some Changes Like ..

    - Ability To Turn Off The Lights
    - # Of Friends Allowed In Club Raised
    - # Of Clubs Raised, One Can Hold Instead Of Only 5
    - Built In Music Player That Somehow Plays Our Own Songs
    - The TV Working But Not Sony Ads, Something We Can Play
    - Item Limit Raised
    - Perhaps Expanded (if possible)

  10. LostRainbow
    I didn't get into closed Beta but then again I didn't have a PS3 yet. I remember you were talking about Home for a while and wanted a PS3 so badly so I could get on. With the closing of VMK, I was at a loss for a new game and Home seemed to be something great. I am glad I am on there and love it!!! I hope they never shut it down too!!