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  1. Note: This is only a joke, ThreeD is not really a sick and twisted individual.

    Ever since I can remember, ThreeD is always breaking out his camera. Without further ado, here's what happened the morning of Jan 12TH.

    ThreeD invited me and a friend of ours, to his seedy hotel in Vegas, and that is where it all began.

    However, we were not aware that we were being lured into such a dump, let alone going to be starring in a movie.

    After forcing our friend to watch, while he threatened me and told me what to do, he didn't even give us the money, for our movie cameos.

    Then later, he just wanted to deny it all ever happened.

    I will always feel so violated, now. ;D


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  1. EvilFluffyBunny
    You don't get to plead anything, because we already decided that you are guilty and should hang.
  2. Dante
    Uhmm I plead the 5th :whistling:
  3. EvilFluffyBunny
  4. Heavyn
    Should have figured, he was to eager to try some things in the Hub :shock::rip1:
  5. EvilFluffyBunny
    He just can't be trusted.
  6. Heavyn
    :right: pfft I married him and to see him cheating with not only fluff but someone else makes me glad I'm going to take all his money and everything ;D
  7. EvilFluffyBunny
    Lol. Sure, go with that.
  8. gary160974
    I take it the reference to trojan in the text log was something about troy, o_O
  9. Kimilicious

    Go ThreeD :crossi: