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  1. But it's not going to work.

    Anyway, I was at the official PS forums, my reasons being, sometimes you can find rather amusing people on there. After a while, I found someone, who's really a poor sap. So I just have to share this story, because honestly, it makes me crack up.

    The other day, I made a comment on a thread, that was geared towards giving a new person to Home a good tip. Then someone I don't know, starts jumping up my butt, for giving some honest advice.

    Here's the thread: new to everything including home | PlayStation® Community Forums

    Read the OP than go to Page 2, where my comment lays.

    So in order to prevent the thread from being derailed by this goon, I decided to take the subject to the PMs.

    My first message:

    Subject: Hate To Break It To You...


    But I'm not mad. Telling the truth is not being mad, it's being helpful.
    I'm going to guess you have missed a lot of what has been going on, if you didn't get what my first comment meant, to begin with.
    I'm not going to have an ongoing battle with you on that thread, over which opinion and observation is the best, as that would be considered thread derailing. But if you want do it by PM, feel free.

    His response was...


    lol, if you were not ''mad'' like you said or annoyed, you wouldnt have sent me a pm.
    anyway, i still think what i said, im sorry if you took it that bad tho.

    My response to his response...


    Sending you a message to say if you want to debate me, you can do it in a PM, instead of derailing a thread from its original topic, is not being mad or annoyed. It has always been advised to go to into PM mode, instead of creating or derailing another thread. I've been here for a long time, I know how things work.
    You don't know me very well, so you can't read me like others can and know what I mean when I post a comment. When I'm mad, you'd know it and my messages wouldn't be this nice. I was going to give you a chance to get some insight about my comment, but forget that, since you're only going to be a immature condescending asshole.

    By the way, ask anyone who really knows me and even they can tell you I don't care how I look to people. If my opinion offends someone, too bad for them.

    I think I'm going to have fun with this dude. He's really trying hard to make me believe that I am mad. :)

    The saga continues...



    Yep, angry... and now angrier.
    Wow, it really doesnt take much.
    Oh and it doesnt matter how long youve been here, i do not care, so you can keep your cheap lines for yourself lol.
    Again, the thread didnt get derailed like you said, you can think that if you want, i do not agree with you but i respect that you want to think that.
    By the way, the only immature here is you, look at how you just got vulgar and insutlted me, you must be an unhappy person, and that is sad.
    Another by the way, i dont care what people would tell me about you, think having an army telling me you dont care about this or that would change what i think and how i feel ? think again.
    Have a good day now[​IMG]



    You only want me to be angry, so you can feel better about yourself and enlarge your ego. I bet you like to troll, because your attitude matches that of a troll's

    Those aren't cheap lines, in fact, they didn't cost anything. Also, if you didn't care about my so called "lines", then you wouldn't have brought them up.

    Your reading comprehension must be pretty crappy, because I never said that the thread was derailed, I chose to respond to you in a PM, to PREVENT the thread from being derailed. If we would have kept that conversation up, I'm positive a mod would have said to keep the thread on topic.

    Here, let me make this easier for you, using plain and simple terms:

    The thread topic IS about a person new to the PS3 and Home, that was looking for some help. The topic was NOT about you trying argue with me over the advice I gave the user.

    Telling you that you're acting like a immature condescending a"shole, wasn't an expression for my maturity. Obviously, even to the world's biggest simpleton, even they would gather that was an expression of how I feel you are acting in your responses to me.

    Again, you say you don't care, but if you're going to bring it up, then obviously you do care.


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  1. EvilFluffyBunny
    Me too. I was looking for a thread by GW, about a certain subject, but I haven't found it, yet. Then I stumbled on to that person, after the comment I made, so I've been sidetracked from looking for what I wanting to look for to begin with.
  2. HeavensLightfire
    This should be quite interesting ;D
  3. Heavyn
    :( I never get to have that much fun on the forums
  4. Shaundi
    The Disconnected due to inactivity T-shirt was part of Mass Medias first weird wear release, I remember buying it and it was the same day of the update that changed the start up screen and therefore the error screens, so the Tshirt is showing the "Classic" error screen :p

    Fluffy you are mad, just not the way he means it ;D
  5. EvilFluffyBunny
    Oh okay, I'll have to take a look, the next time I'm on Home.
  6. gary160974
    Cuckoo cuckoo
  7. KCChad
    Lol, "he mad, bro" :p
  8. Caspearious
    yeah... it was a black t-shirt with the Home dialog box on it, that has that phrase... I think it was made by Mass Media and I'm not sure if they make it for the ladies or not. I know that the "meh" t-shirt was guys only but maybe the Disconnected one isn't.
  9. EvilFluffyBunny
    Is there really a shirt that says that? It's been a while since I've looked at shirts with phrases on them.
  10. Caspearious
    If they can make a t-shirt that says "Disconnected due to Inactivity", the could certainly make a t-shirt that said that.