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  1. Female avatars do have nipples.

    And here's a couple more shots of me, thanks to Dante.


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  1. Yoseph Hudson
    0_0 how did.......… I'm speechless
  2. ZeroRyoko
    I am still disturbed by the fact that there is more detail there than on a barbie doll. The devs have made themselves look like total perverts in my eyes.
  3. YellowBoots
    As much as I love fashion, the birthday suit is my favorite.
  4. xcherishx
  5. Diamond_Dust
    I blame unwed teenage mothers :right:
  6. gary160974
    Have to say it, you look more like evilnotsofluffybunny lol
  7. shaunm2
    Someone has waaaaay too much free time lol
  8. hyperkane
    I have to admit that this is just a tiny bit titillating. ::p: (motorboat)
  9. EvilFluffyBunny
    Well, Jo, we do have that private beach at our yachts. :p
  10. Witchblade
    lol, I want it!! :crossi: