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  1. Hey all. Lately, I have seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and all those other books in those series around. I'm just wondering if the books are any good. I want to get the whole series. And I've also heard of the movies. Are they any good as well? I know I've had a friend who's seen the Swedish version and she didn't like it because she isn't the 'subtitle' type of girl. Is the American version good? If you all could give me your opinions and thoughts, that would be much appreciated.


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  1. ixarix
    The book are very good, and highly addictive. I use to work in an independent bookstore, and people who bought the first book inevitably came back for the second and third book.

    I haven't actually seen the Swedish films yet, not because I don't want to, just been putting it off. I did see the American film directed by David Fincher, I really liked it, and loved Rooney Mara performance. She gave a truly remarkable performance worthy of an Oscar nomination. Lisbeth Salander is of my favorite characters, mad, bad, and dangerous to know.
  2. Tankgrrl69
    Btw the three Swedish version films are available separately on Netflix or together with additional footage.
  3. Tankgrrl69
    I've seen all three Swedish films and they are pretty good. Not as good as the book, of course, but good. Now the Hollywood version, I feel is much better. I was skeptical that I wouldn't but the new incarnation of Lisbeth Salander, but Roony Mara was pretty amazing! I actually think that this new version stayed more true to the book and I am a fan of David Fincher anyway. !
  4. Shaundi
    I own all 3 of the original Swedish movies and they're pretty good, I do wanna see the new versions but am always afraid Hollywood might have ruined something yet again :p