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  1. Whats up people? It's one in the morning here, and Im bored out of my mind!! :bigsmile: So I decided I would make a blog about Home fashion. Now, I dont know if you have noticed, but shopping on PS Home is the most addicting thing EVER!!:clap: Well, besides shopping for real clothes... Lol. But anyways, I just wanted to say that I Love Home fashion, and I love to see it grow! Soooo... I need some girls to discuss the latest fashions with me! Think of it as "Steph's Girl Chat". Ha. But seriously! :fear:


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  1. LittleLostAngel
    I love the new goth outfits..
  2. stephrules31
    Yes Kandusen! I love those things. They have their own unique look.
  3. kandusen
    i like final fantasy xii hair i think its the lighting outfit. and then the new top from sodium 2 and also the long shoes.
  4. stephrules31
    Yes! I'm a total Shoppaholic. I would love to get involved in fashion runway. I'll check it out.
  5. Im_s0_fly_u_mad
    Is anyone in any familyZ on home?
  6. Im_s0_fly_u_mad
    Is anyone in any familyZ on home?
  7. Im_s0_fly_u_mad
    Is anyone in any familyZ on home?
  8. Hench_4_Life_72
    I'm actually kind of stoked that EU seems to have a better selection than NA. They've apparently pre-stolen my idea about the same top in different colors. Sorry, colours. XD

    Yes, they PRE-stole it. It's possible! XD
  9. Kimilicious
    Haha Addicted To Home Shopping ? ;D .. I Love Home Fashion Too. You Can Participate In The Fashion Runway In The Forums. I Would Love To See Some Of Your Combinations :)

    I Love That Billabong Is Making Its Debut Into Home, They Provide Some Really Nice Clothing And Dresses. Very Cute.