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  1. I know most of you really dont care, but I WAS in a car crash a few days ago. It wasnt like a really big explosion, but I did break my leg. :( Lol. But I just wanted to tell you guys that. And if anyone has ever broken any body part, and had to endure an itchy cast, like this blog. :D


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  1. stephrules31
    Haha. I know. i dont know what I was expecting to find... A pot of gold??? We can always hope... The doctor gave me some cream, but I just want to get a big ole stick and put it down there... :D
  2. Smack
    Only thing you will see in you cast is your leg :p Also you need something to put in there when you get a itch.
  3. stephrules31
    Haha. Thanks you guys. It is scary. It all seems to happen so fast, but your mind replays it so slow. O_O Well this cast is killing me. Haha. I keep on wanting to just look under and see whats there. Hehe
  4. Smack
    I Never broke anything, And good you made it out of crash..

    As for this kimi girl she crashes a lot :)
  5. Kimilicious
    I Am Glad You Are Alright Steph. I Have Had My Share Of Car Accidents. :)

    My Ribs Were Cracked And I Had A Broken Rib, That Was The Worst Of The Accidents I Had Since I Began Driving. Hee Hee.

    The Accidents Are Soo Scary .. You Blank Out As If You Don't Know How Or What Even Happen .. ;_______;